Written Plan

A goal without a written plan is called a “Dream”

Actual planning should always be recorded and referenced as “life” happens. If the plan is not written down then you merely are flying by the seat of your pants! We provide a complimentary written plan to guide you through the windy roads of getting out of debt!

Create Your Bank

Create Your Bank

It is incredibly difficult for you to accumulate wealth while paying interest to others for the use of their dollars! In order to get out of debt and on to financial freedom you must learn how to lend to yourself through the use of your own funding source… Your Bank! Your written plan will need a place to accumulate dollars, every bank has pro’s & con’s. Choose wisely… or allow us to help.

Systematize & Automate

Systematize & Automate

Created in 1980 the 401k quickly became the most popular savings vehicle for Americans due to the fact that the decision to save is made once… when you signed up. There is no should I save this month every month conversation. When getting out of debt, or building wealth, automation is crucial to your success!


We have released our new system which provides the technology needed to automate and amplify results allowing the everyday American access to the same advanced solutions that help the wealthy avoid scarcity and live in abundance.

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What We Do

If we could show you how to get completely out of debt, including your mortgage, in 10 years or less without spending more would you want to learn more? We blend multiple planning strategies together with technology a written plan and automation to guide to true financial freedom.

First, we need a written plan.

In order to create a written plan, we need to understand your situation. To do so we need to list out your current income, assets and debts. We must understand what your financial picture looks like in order to create a written plan that will guide you out of debt and on to financial abundance! Our online survey allows you to input your variables. It DOES NOT ask for any personal information like account numbers or social security numbers! It only needs to understand your income, assets, and liabilities in order for it to create your written blueprint.

Second, create a bank.

Once we have your complimentary custom blueprint, it will tell us which bank would work best for your situation. Everything on earth has pro’s and con’s, your new bank is no different. Getting out of debt can be easy, but definitely not a quick fix! We have to change your habits. We have to create a situation where you begin using your own bank as your lending source. This cannot happen immediately but through our process we begin building up your assets as we eliminate your debts. Literally the more debt we pay off the more you save!

Lastly, it must be AUTOMATED!

In order to achieve success once you have a written blueprint and your own bank, is you must make following the plan automated! In order to successfully reach your goals of becoming debt free and accumulating wealth you must – Set it and forget it!

So what’s the catch? In most cases, when we help you create your “bank” or investment vehicle we receive a referral fee which is where our compensation comes from. We believe it best to put the burden of our compensation on the bank, not the person or family trying to get out of debt. This is why we have built it to function this way. As one of life’s few truly Win – Win – Win situations we offer our services, knowledge, and expertise to you! You can pay it forward by spreading the word! Once you have gone through our program and learned the information we ask that you share us with your friends and loved ones. Referrals is how we stay in business. The reason most people that know what our founders know don’t share it with the masses is because it the highest and best use of their time to service everyday Americans instead of chasing the wealthiest among us with the deepest pockets! We offer free education, free technology, and a chance to change your paradigm. At no cost we are confident you have nothing to lose.

Becoming debt free has never been easier!

Learn how to become completely debt free, including your mortgage, in 10 years or less without increasing your spending or sacrificing lifestyle.

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“I had $250,000 in debt and was spending $3,000 a month to service this debt. In 8 years I will have everything paid off and will have $3,000 a month to contribute to my personal bank that will secure over $1,000,000 in retirement without using any more dollars than I was using on servicing debt!”
- Sandra
“I used to trade in one car payment for another, with no thought of what I was actually doing to my long term finances. After the video series I learned a better way and am on pace to being debt free in 5 years by using the same dollars I was using on debt! I tell everyone I can about this blend of strategies, this is going to change the world!”
- Michael
“When I graduated from medical school I had a mountain of student loans, I was doing the best I could but was looking at 10 years to get them all paid off. By implementing the strategies in MyDebtReductionBlueprint I was able to get the Student loans paid off in 3 years without spending any more than I was already spending! I am now Debt Free and using my bank to purchase buildings and expand my practice.”
- Ray