An Analysis of both Degrees of Apprehension in the Character types of a Book

An Analysis of both Degrees of Apprehension in the Individuals of a Book

There are two degrees of apprehension to The : that of the people in the book, whose perception is bound to the written text, and that of the reader, who has the capacity to consider the world from beyond it. A recurring topic in the novel may be the phenomenon of chaos, also known as entropy. Both reader and Oedipa have got the same concerns of facing the chaos around them. Through many strategies, Pynchon imposes a fictional community of chaos on the globe of the reader, a global already full of confusions. As viewers, we are confronted with the same uncertainty and complication of the mystery that the character types get excited about. As the mysteries unfold, a knowledge of the characters brings about the understanding of ourselves.

Oedipa Mass, just like us, is pressured to either involve herself in the deciphering of clues or never to take part at all in what she suspects to become a conspiracy. Her role is related to the purpose of Maxwell¡¦s Demon. ¡§As the Demon sat and sorted his molecules into sizzling hot and cold, the system was thought to reduce entropy. But somehow losing was offset by the info the Demon gained in what molecules were where¡¨ (p.105). Oedipa¡¦s goal in the novel, besides executing a will, is to locate meaning in a lifestyle dominated by assaults on persons¡¦s perceptions through the use of medications and the muting of communications. Entangled in this chaos, Oedipa must do what the Maxwell¡¦s Demon will: sort useful details from useless ones. Pynchon involves his audience for the reason that there is also to interpret countless symbols and metaphors to reach at a meaning.


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