An Explanation and Overview of William Shakespeares Take up Macbeth

An Explanation and Overview of William Shakespeare's Take up Macbeth

Shakespeare, Macbeth is established by combining two different people, Makbeth and Donwald. Also, the

murder of Shakespeare’s King Duncan, comes almost immediately from Donwald’s murder of

Holinshed’s King Duff. Shakespeare likewise condensed Macbeth’s seventeen season reign into a

period consisting of a week or two. The word that “history is compiled by the victors” holds

true here. After Malcolm ascended to power he proceeded to rewrite background to make his family

justified in overthrowing Macbeth. This editing of background made the true Macbeth darker and more

evil and made King Duncan, making him even more docile and kind. The Celtic customs of succession

were ignored in Shakespeare’s take up, and with that, therefore was Macbeth’s case to the throne by being

the worthiest of the kinsman.

Due to the total amount and context of the info utilized by Shakespeare, I've decided to

go through Shakespeare’s Macbeth explaining the take up and summarizing the information

from Holinshed’s and explaining the parallels. In the paragraphs regarding the plot of

Shakespeare’s Macbeth, I will utilize the names given by the writer (e.g. Macbeth, Macduff,

Banquo, etc.). To avoid confusion in regards to what has been discussed (Shakespeare’s story line or how


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