An Research of Terrestrial Disputes in The Trans-Appalachian Location in THE UNITED STATES in 1750

An Research of Terrestrial Disputes in The Trans-Appalachian Area in THE UNITED STATES in 1750

A Brief History

In the first part of the eighteenth century, the trans-Appalachian area of North America remained much since it have been for the preceding centuries. Some trappers and backwoodsmenFrenchmen from Canada and Englishmen from the Uk coloniestraveled through its woods and rivers, but the main occupants of the spot were Native Us citizens and a superb diversity of wildlife. As the Uk colonies became more populated and prosperous, their residents started out to look towards the rich lands over the Appalachian mountains as offering new prospects for settlement and economical growth. The French, who claimed the complete watersheds of the Mississippi and St. Lawrence Riverswhich included the fantastic Lakes and the Ohio River valleybecame concerned about British encroachments into this area and so they moved to create a number of forts, incorporating at Crown Level on Lake Champlain, and on the Wabash, Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. The British, in the mean time, built their individual forts at Oswego and Halifax, the federal government granted lands in the Ohio Valley to the Ohio Company and adventurous traders create bases in your community.

In 1750, British and French representatives fulfilled in Paris to attempt to resolve these territorial disputes, but no improvement was made. In 1752, the Marquis Duquesne was built governor-standard of New France with specific instructions to have possession of the Ohio Valley, removing all British existence from the region.. The next year, he sent troops to western Pennsylvania where they constructed forts at Presque Island (Erie) and on the Rivire aux Boeufs (Waterford). Simultaneously, Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, was granting land in the Ohio Valley to residents of


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