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Fuzy - Diglossia is a language situation through which there are two distinct different types of a language used alongside. One variety, referred to as the High range (H), is used only about formal and public occasions, while the additional one, termed as the Low selection (L), is employed under regular, everyday situations. The distance between H and L are occasionally to the level that the two varieties happen to be mutually unintelligible. One good case is the diglossic situation organised between the Modern Standard Persia (MSA) plus the Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (EA). This article should compare the two varieties, at different linguistic levels, to illustrate just how these dissimilarities have made both verities mutually unintelligible.

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Diglossia in Persia A Relative Study in the Modern Common Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic

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Diglossia in Arabic

A Comparative Analyze of the Contemporary Standard

Arabic and Egypt Colloquial Persia

Mohammad Jafar Jabbari




ome dialects have two totally unique varieties

employed through a speech community, each of which

which has a different array of social functions. Whereas

one particular variety, known as High (H), is used just on

formal and bars, the additional one, called

Low (L), is used underneath normal daily-life circumstances.

This case, referred to as " diglossia", is very common

especially in Arabic-speaking neighborhoods. Varieties of

Persia form a roughly continuous spectrum of variation,

with all the dialects voiced in the east and western

extremes of the Arab-speaking community being mutually

unintelligible. The very best example of this kind of mutual

unintelligibility is the diglossic situation, placed between

the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) as well as the Egyptian

colloquial Arabic (EA). This article is aimed at illustrating right after between the two varieties at different

linguistics levels, which may have resulted in this kind of mutual




Diglossia is actually a situation by which two distinctive

varieties of a language are used. One variety is used

simply on formal and community occasions, as the other

selection is used underneath normal, each day circumstances.

The word diglossia was introduced into the literature by

Charles Ferguson (1959):

Diglossia is a comparatively stable vocabulary

situation through which, in addition to the dialects of the

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May 2012

Volume XII Issue VIII Version I actually

Keywords: Diglossia, Standard Persia, Egyptian Persia,

High Selection, Low Range etc .

terminology (which might include a standard or regional

standards), there is a incredibly divergent, highly coded (often

grammatically even more complex) superposed variety, the

vehicle of a large and respected body system of crafted

literature, both of an previous period or in another conversation community, which can be learned typically by formal education 23

and is utilized for most created and formal spoken

functions but is not utilized by any sector of the

community for normal conversation (p. 336).

Diglossia for Trudgill (2009), " is a particular kind

of language standardization where two distinct varieties

of a vocabulary exist side by side throughout the speech

community (not...

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