Albania Dissertation

Lori Cobani

Doctor Loebs

Sept 29th, 2014

Informative Speech

Statement of Purpose: My personal purpose is usually to teach you the essential properties of Albania and also the types of tourism that may be explored right now there.

Divisions and Subdivisions:

Albania has a superb potential for travel and leisure. There are many options for every age group. It is a tiny country in the southeast of Europe.

It is surrounded by Greece, FYR Miscuglio, Kosovo, Montenegro and the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. Their area is 11100 square miles or about six times less space-consuming than Idaho. The national flag shows a black bald eagle with two heads within a red field.

Today you will discover 3 lots of people living in Albania.

a. The only official language is usually Albanian, which is a special dialect, not related to the german born, slavic or latin 'languages'. As for the religion, 58% are Muslims, 10% Catholics, 8% Orthodox, 3% Atheists and the leftover belong both to any various other religion or refused to declare it. Religion tolerance is one of the major cultural values.

3. Albania is inspired by western and asian cultures, and so the cultural historical past tourism is a crucial option. In addition to that, there are mountain range, islands, seas, rivers and lakes. Nearly three quarters in the area is covered by mountain range. The rest can be described as field, mainly in the european part of the country. The albanian coast includes a length of practically 300 mls.

(Transition: We now have learned where Albania can be found and the main characteristics of Albanians. )

Many people like to go to historical locations, so Albania is a great nation to explore different parts of the history of Europe. 1 . The country was populated beginning with the historic times, when the ancestors had been called Illyrians.

There are historical cities with historical typical monuments, like Apolonia. There are movies building influenced by the Greek and Roman design.

Mosaics, sculptures and...

Sources: -The info about populace and religion were taken from the Albanian census of year 2011 released by simply INSTAT ( Institute of Statistics ) in Tirana, Albania.


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