Aldol Lab Essay

1)With 1-mL graduated pipet, measure zero. 40 cubic centimeters of the unknown labled " no . XX-. 40 cubic centimeters 2) With another 1ml graduated pipet measure 0. 10 Ml of the not known labled " no . XX-0. 10 mL” 3) Put the chemical substances to the same Erlenmeyer flask

4) Put 2 . 0 mL of 95% ethanol and 1 . 5 mL of 2 M sodium hydroxide solution to the flask 5)Stir with permanent magnetic stirrer intended for 15 minutes or perhaps longer if perhaps precipitate still forming (if cloudy following 15 sl?ktens heat mix on a asteam bath or in hot water for 10 mins then simply cool to room temp) When medicine is full cool flask in ice-water bath for 10 minutes MEANWHILE--- A)place 4 milliliters of 5 acetic acid in 95% ethanl in a check tube

B)Repeat this procedure with 2mL of 4% acetic acid in ninety five % ethanol (v/v) Cool the test tubes containing these solutions inside the ice water bath.

Acquire the product by vacuum filtration

Disconnect cleaner and rinse out product with 2 Milliliters of cold ethanol Reconnect vacuum and draw the liquid from the product

Duplicate washing method with a couple of Ml of acetic acid/ethanol solution Finally wash the crude item with the leftover 2 cubic centimeters of ethanol


Test 95% ethanol and toluene

Addition of a few drops hexane can be necessary to showcase crystallization In the event not sufficient test on the lookout for: 1 v/v mixture of 95% ethanol/acetone


Characterization of aldol merchandise

Perform this evaluation on both equally unknown substances

Add you drop of the unknown mixture to a evaluation tube through adding 1 milliliters of acetone Then Put 1 drop of the chromic acid-sulfuric test out reagent into the solution. Shake the mix

A green bluish green precipitate appears within 1 minutes if the not known compound is definitely an aldehyde (Aliphatic aldehydes give precipitates with 15 s whereas aromatic aldehydes usually have 30-60s. Acetone and other keytones oxidize through this solution only after 2 - 3 mins.

Place 2 drops of the unfamiliar aldehyde and 0. 5mL of ethanol in a 10 X 75 nm check tube Put water dropwise, shaking following each drop until the cloudiness...


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