Essay regarding An Investigation In the Media Portrayal of Sexuality in Sport

An investigation into the media rendering of sexuality in sport.

There have been many investigations and research into the various sorts and depth

of the mass media coverage in sport regarding both genders. This investigation will look in

previous research and studies carried out by analysts to discover for what reason different

sexes receive several media attention in sport, and to see whether it has an

adverse effect on additional issues such as participation.

It is just a clear reality men get much more mass media attention and coverage than

women in most sporting events. To compliment this declaration Boutiller and San-Giovanni

(1983) report demonstrates there is very little newspaper insurance coverage (text or photos) of

women sports activities. The survey mentioned regarding the 1, 200 addresses in the initially 25 years of

publication, sporting activities illustrated presented only 115 women issues covers. In the same way in

Australian newspapers, only 1. 3% of their space was contributed to could sport

(Mackay and Rowe, 1987).

Actually when media coverage was devoted to girls it tended to go away from all their

efficiency and emphasis either issues beauty or image (Hargreaves, 1994) as well as to

focus on female sportsmen becoming more manly. For example Willis (1994)

concludes that in order for girls athletes to attain sport they need to fail since

girls i. electronic. women dropping their beauty, replacing it with protruding muscles without

breasts, in order to become the entire athlete.

However , what is mentioned above may not give a clear indication as to why women

are not showed in the multimedia as much as males. One possible reason as to the reasons

women are under-represented in sport is because of cash. Media organisations, such

while sports illustrated, are set you back generate a profit and will therefore need to concentrate on

the needs and wants with their customers (Sagas et al., 2000). For that reason, it is

possible that other institutional push will have an influence in media organisations

(especially income making organisations) when regarding women's protection of sport.

To acquire a better comprehension of this it may be more suitable to check out non-

income making mass media sources and their attitude to coverage of women's sport. We may

foresee that mass media sources, whom do not seek to gain a profit, should offer greater

coverage of women's sports. However this is false. Shifflett and

Revelle (1994) exploration into the NCAA news found that women received

less written insurance coverage and fewer photographs than men then when articles and photos

where made involving girls in sports they often made an appearance in less-desirable


Shifflett and Revelle (1994a) survey examined concerns in 1988 and 1991, and although

it gives you us with information relating to media focus towards women at all those

occasions it does not give us findings which can be necessarily relevant in today's world or

sporting universe.

The implications of girls being under-represented in the media can have got damaging

effects on both ladies sport and women's put in place society. Press is a vital tool in

the way in which world views and understands concerns such as sexuality relations and

part differentiation (Low and Sherrad, 1999). Because the majority of mass media

protection on sport tends to concentrate on men and leave out the achievements of girls

(Pirinen, 1997) this could lead to unoriginal views and females becoming separated

from selected sports. For instance , golf provides traditionally been seen as a sport for suit,

young and able males. Asch and Fine (1997) go on to point that women players

who are more mature or have a disability can become remote in the sport as a result of

little or no media coverage that these types of women get. Sagas et al., (2002) reinforced

this by recognizing that the unfair media protection that women obtain hinders all their

development in sport from...

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