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Abul Khair Steel Products Ltd (AKSP) is a newly established significant metal completing plant in Bangladesh, that produces a range of steel products, such as cold rolled (CR) coils, zinc-coated steel (GS) sheets and corrugated zinc-coated iron (CGI) sheets. AKSP was established it happened in 1999 as a non-public limited business and currently employs regarding 650 personnel, with huge expatriate technical team, generally from India. The mounted production capacity of the grow is a hundred and fifty, 000 lots CGI bedding and 300, 000 tons CR shelves per year. Actual production pertaining to the base season 2002 was 130, 943 tons. As a result of steep increase in steel prices and competition in the market, demand for their products can be low plus the company can be operating at 50% less than the set up capacity. As a result, their total production was only 85, 000 lots in 2004. The company's production is mostly intended for the domestic market nevertheless is also exported to 13 countries. AKSP recently received ISO 9001: 2000 certification. High electrical power consumption is known as a major concern and for this reason top rated management decided to participate in the GERIAP task.


The plant's main raw material is usually hot thrown (HR) shelves, which is imported from The japanese, Korea, India and The ussr. Major creation process measures are Pickling, Cold Going, Annealing, Galvanizing and Corrugating. A short description of the main steps is given below and a process circulation chart is usually shown around the next web page. Pickling: Popular rolled coils have a layer of oxide on their surface. Pickling ensure associated with surface oxides by substance treatment applying hydrochloric acidity, prior to the chilly rolling process. Production lines have an edge-trimming facility and built-in features to prevent under/over pickling. For excessive production of strips of just one. 2 mm to 6. 5 mm thickness, continuous lines are used. In these lines, strip accumulators enable coils to be loaded and unloaded while the strip continues to run through the pickling section. The lines are normally controlled by built-in mill employees and are mainly utilized to pickle strips prior to cold going. Cold Going: The objective of cool rolling is always to improve the surface area finish, to get smaller and more uniform fullness. Cold proved helpful products often be very hard and possess great strength. The process consists of reducing thickness of hot rolled coils to desired thickness in several actions (according into a set schedule). Annealing: Following the cold moving process metallic is very hard and the annealing process should improve the steel's formability homes and microstructure. Next, the annealed cool rolled steel coils happen to be suppressed to remove wrinkles and achieve flatness depending on consumers' requirements. Additionally , electrical steels are given regarding 7-8% important reduction to enhance their permanent magnetic properties. Galvanizing: Galvanizing is the process of electrically coating the top of iron having a layer of zinc. Zinc reacts with all the iron substances in the steel to form zinc-coated steel. The external coating is zinc, but successive layers really are a mixture of zinc and iron, and the in house is pure steel. Galvanizing dramatically increases the resistance with the iron to corrosion, changing it in a durable material.


EnergyВ EfficiencyВ GuideВ forВ IndustryВ inВ Asia – www.energyefficiencyasia.orgВ


Corrugating and Presentation: Galvanized basic sheets will be transferred to the converting and finishing section for cutting the sheet as per buyer requirement; corrugated in the Corrugation line like a final product; and dispatched to the packaging section. Physique 1: Process Flow Graph of AKSP HR Coil Pickling

CR Coil


Hot-deep Galvanizing Cooling

Epidermis Pass


Leveling & Shearing GP Coils

GP Coils Shearing Line DOCTOR Sheets Corrugating GC Bedsheets Packaging &...


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