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September 28, 2011

Mr. Wayne Dimon, CEO

J. S. Morgan Chase & Co.

270 Recreation area Avenue,

New York, BIG APPLE 10017

Subject matter: New marketplace for hedge funds

Dear Mr. Dimon:

It is a delight for ABS Consultants to get working with M. P. Morgan Chase & Co. While follow-up to the initial conversations, we have regarded as various developments occurring inside the financial industry, and have discovered one trend specifically inside the space of alternate purchases that would the majority of benefit your firm. The concept underlying this kind of trend is a lack of option of hedge funds for non-accredited retail investors, and through the implementation from the forthcoming proposed structure, we are confident J. P Morgan Chase with be able to provide added value to equally its clients and its buyers.

Hedge Fund Industry: The Trend

In the inception with the first hedge fund in 1949 by A. W. Jones, skepticism has surrounded this investment motor vehicle. Over recent years however , some great benefits of diversification possess caused a wider breadth of shareholders to look past their mystique and gain affordable insight into the investment option that has been getting some of the most wealthy of traders for more than 50 years. Today, as mutual funds end up being by comparison quite inefficient, and a reversion to standard stock choosing proves difficult with current market turbulence, increasingly more of the investing public need to alternate automobiles. This craze is quickly becoming resolute. Credibility in this is sucked from the massive acquisitions of mortgage-backed securities in 2007-2008, appreciated at $8. 91 trillion in 2009 also after recessionary levels of write-offs had happened. Furthermore, with market activity steadily globalizing2, opportunities created by recording such a trend will be incalculable.

Hedge Funds: The Composition

Hedge funds are exceptional as a great investment vehicle primarily for one reason: their particular structure. Hedge funds are set up while partnerships, with investors attaining access to administration techniques simply by signing on since limited partners. In this formatting, investors have no

responsibility for working the company, or perhaps in this case since the company is made up primarily in the fund, handling that pool of capital. The investors are rather legally certain a proportionate percentage of the profits, much less management expenses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Structure

This framework has both equally its positives and negatives. The benefits come from all traders being associates. Based on the assumption that the " partner” chooses for taking such a posture based on a full understanding of their company and its operations. In such a case, the company identifies the account manager(s), with operations getting replaced simply by trading techniques and tactics. As investors are consequently assumed to acquire done prudent research prior to taking all their position, the fund has the capacity to assume any strategy this chooses, purchase any asset class, consider both lengthy and brief in investments, and make use of leverage ones own determined helpful. The only limitation to this is usually that the fund's table of company directors must approve any main strategic adjustments, however while this plank generally contains the fund manager and several or the greater investors inside the fund, we could assume this kind of to be a small formality in many instances. The second benefits is derived from similar underlying principle: hedge cash adhering to the accredited buyer policy and having below 499 " partners” do not have to register with all the Securities and Exchange Commission payment (SEC), that allows the money to avoid public submitting of financial effects, and more importantly does not need they launch their investment strategy publically. This allows cash to retain their particular competitive benefits on a certain investment strategy for long periods of time devoid of other cash replicating the...

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