Battle of Badr Composition



Intro. 1 .

This book is the translation of " Ghazwat Badr al-Kubra”. It is regarding the first ever conflict involving the Muslims and the nonbelievers, which in turn finally satisfied all the neo conditions of Islam's later triumph as complete code of human being life.

installment payments on your The Publication.

a. Name. The truly great battle of Badr. n. Author. Mohammad Ahmed Bashumail. Secy of " hayaat al-amar varevogn maroof california nahi 'anil munkar”, Hijaz, Saudi Arabia.

c. Published By simply. Islamic Publications Ltd. BE Shah Alam

Market Lahore.

d. Editions. Total of 4 models. 1st model in January, 1970, next editions in February, 78, 3rd versions in May 81 and finally this kind of edition came in May 1984.

e. Printed By. Local area printers Lahore.

f. Volume of Pages. 215.

g. Articles. It comprises of VI buck and 2 appendix.

l. Cover. Hard bound cover, depicting the battle field

of Badr.


j. Its foreword given by Abul A'la' Maududi, a

famous scholar, in whose famous operate is TAFSEER-


some. Comments on Contents.

a. Phase I. Before the great come across. In this, the author has protected the in depth reasons, incidents and imp developments that preceded this battle. Additionally, it include the policy of cultural by cot and economical blockade intended for Muslims which usually subsequently failed.

b. Phase II. The Migration. That include the countertop steps

by Muslims against Makkan because of their brutal designs,

include the 1st great alliance of history among

Prophet & the Ansars. Followed by the successful

migration of ay prophet to Makkah.

c. Chapter 3. The Prophet at Madina. In this chap the

publisher has mentioned the changes happened in Madina

after Prophet's arrival at the. g estb of brother hood. Additionally, it

covers the intrigues and disruptionist endeavors by Jews

to create hostilities, which could not work.


m. Chapter 4. The Battle. It are the military

motions of Muslim and the immediate cause of this

battle. The key theme of book is briefly discussed in

this chapter i. at the. the first confrontation between Muslims

& Non believers, which ended that issue which

may never become resolved much less in the battle field.

electronic. Chapter V. The Aftermath. In this the writer has

given the details of cas coming from both sides with names. It

also incl the verses from the O Quran (Sura Al

Anfaal) in which this...


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