Essay about CSC’s Training Before now



An Undergraduate Thesis

Presented to

The Thesis Panel of

DMMA College of Southern Korea

Tigatto Highway, Buhangin, Davao City


In Partial Fulfilment from the Course Necessity

In Research 1(Introduction to Research)



Cdt. 2/c Presores, Rel Fernand

Cdt. 2/c Carpio, Draw Lester

Cdt. 2/c Olanda, Gary Louie

Cdt. 2/c Jumamil, Benzarre

Cdt. 2/c Maglangit, Marlon

Cdt. 2/c Tagupa, Jomark

Cdt. 2/c Reyes, Allen Pol

Cdt. 2/c Edillo, Ronneil

Cdt. 2/c Claud, Leokim

Cdt. 2/c Abad, Erwin

October 2013

Chapter 1


Qualifications of the Analyze

It has been noticed that all the cadets with the Corps of Scholar Cadets (CSC) of DMMA-CSP remain on the means of adjusting themselves to the fresh set of regulations inside their dormitory due to changes in administration. The newest CSC operations led by Mr. Roel Helicame, who has a master's degree a manager, is trying to boost the ability and skills from the cadets, with academics although also in technical things concerning maritime studies. As experienced by researchers staying members with the corps, every one of the cadets from the organization happen to be coping in the newly executed laws.

The Norwegian Ship-owners Association (NSA), which is a big organization, contains different worldwide major shipping companies' trusted full scholarship grant to Filipino students who have deserve to be future dispatch officers someday. They selected DMMA-CSP for being its partner in materializing the plan. 3/0 Francisco A. Patuasic Junior. founded the organization whom this individual later known as the Corps of College student Cadets (CSC) which began with twenty-five cadets year 2006 and already having hundreds in today's. As skilled by the research workers before, the training inside the dormitory was semi-military training generally practiced by simply our country's very own, the Philippine Armed service Academy moulding competent and responsible cadets that provided DMMA-CSP honor and pleasure. The training determined the junior military personnel to knuckle down and make an effort more regardless of being besides their family members. As what Eleanor Roosevelt once stated, " You can gain strength, bravery and self-confidence by just about every experience in which you really prevent to look for dread in the face. You have to do the thing which you think you cannot do so that as the PMMA graduates cited in their content, " No-one is suit to control that has not learned to obey. ” Later on, because the population in the cadets with the corps grew, the training was abused and it led to transition of trainings and changing of administration.

Declaration of the Difficulty

This study aims to determine the difference inside the training system between the previous and fresh CSC Supervision.

Specifically, this seeks to resolve the following concerns:

1 . What is the training system between the previous and fresh CSC Operations in terms of:

1 . 1 Physical Training

1 ) 2 Mental Learning and Learning Creation

1 . three or more Values Development

1 . 4 Discipline

1 ) 5 Leadership

2 . Is there any significant difference between the schooling system between the past and new CSC Administration in terms of:

2 . you Physical Training

2 . two Mental Learning and training Development

2 . 3 Ideals Formation

installment payments on your 4 Self-discipline

2 . 5 Leadership


Ho1 There is no significant difference between the training system of the past as well as the new CSC Administration with regards to: Physical Teaching

Mental Training and Learning Development

Ideals Formation



Ho2 There is no factor between the views of CSC cadets when ever grouped in ranks.

Assumptive Framework

This kind of study is definitely anchored on Dewey's (2003) Theory of discipline which states which the remedy for the evils attending the cortege of formal discipline recently spoken of is to never be found by simply substituting a doctrine of specialized...


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