Determination of Share Price Based on Dse Essay


There are many elements that have an effect on in talk about price in DSE. The price tag on goods decided in industry on the basis of Demand and Supply. Share market is the market. Every single Share provides a face worth and this benefit vary in market on the basis of demand and supply of discuss. In the reveal market everyone are customer and everybody are vendor. One offers a share and one more purchase that, in the same way he sells a share and another order that. The share marketplace is fully digital digital industry. The transaction of this market accomplish simply by online network. Everybody can be considered a member of the forex market by wide open an account. There are plenty of kinds of explanation and element for enhance and decrease of share value, some are related to company and some are related with market device. There are two stock exchanges in Bangladesh. One is Dhaka Stock Exchange and another can be Chittagong Stock market. We discuss here about Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). Bangladesh is a least developed country. Corruption exists here. And so market mechanism is very strong here. Many bodies wish to consider a chance of market system for earn profit. They are not real investor. For people peoples reveal market is up-down. Here we all mention the determination of share cost based on DSE.

The Dedication of Reveal price on basis of business policy

в—Џ Every Share has a deal with value.

в—Џ Company announce the dividend on the basis of face value. в—Џ Company announce the discuss premium in share.

в—Џ Company issue the right share.

в—Џ Company issue the bonus talk about.

в—Џ The Earning income of firm determined the share selling price. в—Џ The Reputation of organization determined the share price.

в—Џ The Consistency of company determined the share price.

в—Џ The Various sorts of offer of company established the talk about price.

The Determination of Share value on foundation Market system в—Џ There are plenty of factor that affect the discuss price in market. в—Џ Original value are not remain in market Place as a result of market system. в—Џ The Ignorance regarding share marketplace.

в—Џ The Syndicates impact on talk about market.

в—Џ False information is a element to determination the discuss price. в—Џ The pumpiing is a aspect to dedication the discuss price. в—Џ The rate of Interest is a factor to perseverance the discuss price. в—Џ The increase and minimize of purchase in reveal market is a factor to perseverance the reveal price. в—Џ Immoral Business man affect in the discuss market.

в—Џ The water capital are generally not stay in same position always. в—Џ The policy with the authority of security exchange is a factor to willpower the reveal price. в—Џ The unconsciousness about money market is a component to determination the reveal price.

Summary of DSE

The Necessity Of Establishing An investment Exchange In The Then East Pakistan Was initially Decided By Government The moment, Early In 1952. It Was Learnt Which the Calcutta Stock market Had Forbidden The Ventures In Pakistaner Shares And Securities. The Provincial Professional Advisory Authorities Soon Afterwards Set Up An Organizing Committee For The organization Of A Stock Exchange In East Pakistan. A Decisive Stage Was Taken The Second Conference Of The Organising Committee Held On The thirteenth March, 1953. In The Case Room, Eden Building, Underneath the Chairmanship Of Mr. A. Khaleeli, Admin Government Of East Bengal, Commerce, Labor And Industrial sectors Department From which Various Aspects Of The Issue Had been Discussed In Detail. The Then Central Governments Proposal Regarding The Karachi Stock Exchange Opening A Branch By Dhaka., Would not Find Favour With The Appointment Who Experienced That East Pakistan Really should have An Independent Stock Exchange. It Was Suggested That Dhaka Narayanganj Chamber Of Commerce & Sector Should Approach Its Associates For Parchase Of Membership rights Cards For RS. 2k Each To get The Recommended Stock Exchange. The Location Of The Exchange It Was Thought Should Be Either Dhaka Narayanganj Or Chittagong. An Organizing Committee Was Designated Consisting Of Leading Commercial And Industrial...

Recommendations: [1] Modified by Bobbie Shaffett, Ph level. D., Relate Extension Mentor, School of Human Sciences. Adapted simply by Jan Lukens, Publication 2266, Extension Services of Mississippi State University, cooperating with U. S. Department of Agriculture.


By these types of detail conversation we can identify the perseverance of talk about price depending on Dhaka stock market. Share is actually a paper. It's the symbol of capital. So that it price is must be variable. In this article we can see the different kind of and determination of increase and minimize of share price.


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