Dugong: Sea Mammals in the Philippine Marine environments Essay

Dugong Exploration

Scientific name: Dugong Dugon

Status: Vulnerable to termination since 1982 (IUCN)

Appendix We of CITES







Common Namedugong or sea cow

Local Nameduyong or baboy dagat


The dugong is one of the 24 species of sea mammals within the Filipino waters. The dugong is the only representative of the purchase Sirenia found in the country. It is just a truly unique marine animal, becoming the only vegetarian mammal in whose preferred home is the ocean. Like people and other mammals, the dugong is warm-blooded, has fur, breathes atmosphere and the mom suckles their young. It has been noted that stories on mermaids will be attributed to this excellent animal because of its striking similarity В– fish-like tail, brown smooth pores and skin, mammary glands, woman-like genitalia and even its' suckling baby.

An adult dugong can expand to a lot more than three meters in length and can weigh much more than 400 kilogram. Newborns are a small over a inmiscuirse, while mature animals measure at least 2 . your five meters long (Marsh ain al. 1984). The dugong's body is torpedo-shaped with whale-like flukes. The neck can be short and indistinct. The flippers happen to be small and short are used for manoeuvring and as an assistance during nourishing or resting at the sea bottom. The color of an mature dugong is greyish bronze, which turns into lighter ventrally. Neonates and juveniles happen to be lighter and are also browner in color. The skin is difficult, heavily scarred and usually colonized with barnacles in elderly animals. Short/stiff hair and fine/thin hair is sparsely distributed throughout the back of the dog. Hair is nearly absent in the abdomen tend to be large, heavy and rich in the snout region. The top lip varieties the rostral disc, which can be horseshoe in form and is protected with a large amount of thick and long vibrissae used for prying. A unique characteristic is around 25-35 mm heavy (not as thick when compared with other sea mammals, since protection from the cold can be not a wonderful problem for this warm and shallow normal water species). The eyes are rounded, small and darker and are shut down by lids with a muscle action. Underwater vision is assumed to get similar to those of a masked scuba diver. The dugongs produce a mucoid secretion via a sweat gland under the eyelid, which are passed when the your-eyes exposed to atmosphere. The hearing lack a pinnae and appearance as small holes on the sides of the brain; hearing is observed being very willing. The nostril is situated antero-dorsally to assist in breathing while the rest of the human body remains submerged. Another characteristic is the valves attached to the floor of the sinus cavity that opens and closes the nostrils to prevent water via entering. The bone with the dugong is extremely dense and thick which is suggested to learn an important part in the buoyancy control system and security of the creature. The skull has increased pre-maxilla that is certainly deflected down. Vertebrae usually number 59. Dugongs also possess tusks, which are used solely for sociable activities and not for feeding. The tusks are engulfed in adult males and in some old females previous their reproductive : years. Tusks produce total annual growth layers, which are very helpful in deciding the age of dugongs. Six sets of molar teeth are present which will erupt on each side with the jaw. Dugongs swim gradually, are shy and evasive. They maneuver along shorelines and between islands. All their movement is affected by tide, weather, season, availability of food and individual disturbance. They have to breathe air on the surface of the water every one to four moments.

The dugong is a very gentle animal that peacefully lives in our seas without causing harm to people or perhaps other marine creatures. Evolution:

Sirenians have evolved from four-legged hoofed mammals in the early Eocene Epoch, a geological period, which was regarding 53 , 000, 000 years ago. These kinds of herbivorous control animals named subungulates are the ancestors of elephants and hyraces, producing the two the closest...

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