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Application letter

PETER RUBEN GALIDO almost 8 Sue Group

Smithtown, CA 08067


Peter John [email protected] com

October seventeen, 2013

XYZ Company

87 Delaware Road

Hatfield, FLORIDA 08065

Dear Mr. Peter John Galido

I are writing to apply for the coder position advertised in the Times Union. While requested, We am enclosing a finished job application, my own certification, my own resume and three recommendations. The opportunity shown in this record is very interesting, and I believe my solid technical encounter and education will make me a very competitive candidate just for this position. The important thing strengths which i possess to achieve your goals in this placement include: I possess successfully designed, developed, and supported live use applications I target continued superiority

I give exceptional contributions to customer care for all consumers

With a BALONEY degree in Computer Programming, Excellent full knowledge of the full lifestyle cycle of any software expansion project. It is good to say experience in mastering and excelling at new technologies as needed. Please see my curriculum vitae for additional information on my knowledge. I can end up being reached anytime via email at [email protected] com or perhaps my mobile phone, 09125111013. I want to thank your time and consideration. My spouse and i look forward to talking to you regarding this employment option. Sincerely,

Kenneth Valencia

A letter of appeal

Mister. Kenneth Valencia

Chief Executive Officer-Wilfred Consultant Pvt. Ltd

3466 Jefferson Road

Norfolk, SE TILL ATT DU AR 23502

17 October, 2013

Dear, Mister. Valencia:

I Mr. Peter John Galido Vice President of Master Association Pvt. Ltd hereby let you know that our business is introducing new product in health repair market to be known as as Aloe Vera Gel. This particular Gel is likely to prepare solely by Natural aloe vera extract and would be a lot more beneficial to battle with major disorders like Joint disease, Diabetes, and so forth. Hence your small business already has dealership for our additional products we all expect you to adopt dealership with this new product pertaining to future business growth. Consider This product really works for this kind of diseases to cure as well as to get rid of these types of problems. It's my ask for to you that kindly accept this organization appeal and contact us for more procedure. Your own Sincerely,

Mister. Peter Steve Galido

Vice President-Master Relationship Pvt. Ltd

2124 Chapel Street

Baytown, TX 77521

Excuse letter

Dear Mrs. Oaferina:

Please accept this kind of letter since written notice that I was unable to show up at work on Monday, October 17, 2013 because of sickness. I used to be ill and unable to are accountable to work on that date. You should let me know if I can provide any further information.


Kenneth Valencia

A letter of compassion

October 17, 2013

Special, Kenneth Valencia:

I was sorry to hear regarding the loss of life of your close friend. While developing up, I remember how jealous I was of the having an older brother. Matthew was constantly so considerate whenever My spouse and i visited your home. I never once remember hearing him complain when he had to help us correct one of the bikes or perhaps later, once we were older, drop us off someplace if having been going to be using the car. 2 weeks . sad reality of lifestyle that living so far away has meant that I've lost touch with a of those peripherally close to my life. I'm pleased that coming from remained friends, even for such a lengthy distance — and I desire to let you realize that even though I'm not actually there to assist, I am here for you in your time of loss. With love,

Philip John Galido

Letter of Invitation


219Malbong, Gainza, Camarines Sur.

Tel: 416-223-8900

July 11, 2014

Special Valued Client:

Our records show that you have been a client of Karla Party Incorporation. since our grand opening last year. You want to i want to thank your business simply by inviting one to our desired customer Spring Extravaganza this Saturday. Saturday's sales function is by invite only. Our stock, which include panamas and bedding will probably be marked down via...


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