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Chem 230 Review

Conformational analysis and cyclohexane conformations (Chpt 4): 1 . Use a Newman discharge, about the indicated bond, to draw the most secure conformer for the following compounds. (a) 3-methylpentane about the C2-C3 relationship

(b) several, 3-dimethylhexane regarding the C3-C4 bond

installment payments on your Using everything you know about conformational energetics of substituted cyclohexanes, predict which of the two decalin isomers (cis or perhaps trans) is somewhat more stable. Explain you reasoning.

3. One of the most stable form of the common sugar glucose consists of a six-membered ring in the chair conformation with all the substituents equatorial. Pull this the majority of stable conformation of glucose.

Reactive intermediates and their real estate (Chpt 5):

4. Draw the Lewis structures of methyl carbanion, methyl carbocation, methyl significant, and methylene carbene. Which is the most electrophilic? Which is one of the most nucleophilic?

your five. Write a system for the light-initiated result of cyclohexane with chlorine to provide chlorocyclohexane. Attract a reaction-energy diagram intended for the distribution steps. You can assume that the first distribution step can be rate-determining and the overall process is exothermic.

Stereochemistry (Chpt 9):

6. For each composition, star any kind of chiral carbon dioxide atoms and label each chiral carbon dioxide as (R) or (S).

7. Give the stereochemical human relationships (same chemical substance, structural isomers, distereomers, or perhaps enantiomers) among each couple of isomers.

almost eight. Consider this free radical bromination associated with an enantiomerically natural alkane. Is a product shaped as a single enantiomer or maybe a racemic blend? Is the product optically lively or optically inactive? Clarify your answers.

Substitution and elimination reactions (Chpt 11):

9. Foresee the products of the following reactions.

twelve. When the subsequent enantiomerically real alkyl bromide is subjected to sodium phenoxide in DMF, the major system is formed as being a single enantiomer; however ,...


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