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Global Interrelatedness

Discuss the state of global interrelatedness mainly because it evolved from 1914 to 1945. What had been the most significant improvements? Was global interrelatedness tightening or dislodging in this period? •The globe is becoming even more interrelated




•During this era the interrelatedness was tightening

oDuring the industrial revolution, conversation increased, also because of technology, communication increased •Whether good or bad

oIt tightened when countries started to try import sector industrialization, but when that did not work, this loosened again • Groupe and great powers

Identity Politics

What are the most crucial identity concerns of the early twentieth hundred years? For the sake of debate, pick one -- gender, race, anti-colonial nationalism -- and make your case that the fact that was and has not been accomplished when it comes to that concern make it especially important from this period (roughly 1914-1945). •Gender

oExamples of mistreatment

•Aba Women's War in Nigeria

•Rape of Nanjing in China

oExamples of fulfillment


•WWII (more so)

•After 1914, women were given the right to political election in many countries •In the twenties, women were given more education about their reproductive freedoms by Margaret Sanger Mass Breaking down

Just how has the idea of mass mobilization shaped our society? What is mass mobilization? [Describe not only its effect on a specific event or time period, but likewise how it truly is created and successfully or perhaps unsuccessfully used. ] •Industrial revolution brought people together by making a working school •Political wave made people citizens, instead of subjects – they had political rights and duties for his or her nation •The education program molded and motivated people

•Mass consumption and media interlinked people internationally

•Definition: mobilization from the civilian inhabitants on behalf of a government stance •Impact during WWII

oWomen were working in America and obtaining work-related jobs oSo many men were taken from their countries to fight on the home the front, that there was clearly high demand to get employment •Making uniforms

•Producing tanks/planes/weapons

•Being a registered nurse

•Also basic jobs that only men placed before

Technology versus Nature

What were the most important improvements in scientific research and technology between 1914 and 1945? To what magnitude had they will created matter about human-induced environmental influences or the durability of productive processes? •Most important developments

oAtomic explosive device


oHenry Ford's unit T в†’ helpful during the dust bowl

oIndustrial revolution

•Concern about impact/sustainability

oDuring WWI, primary powers utilized their enhance technology to activate each other by looking into making products while using intention of destruction oWWII ended with the atomic blast: massive destruction

World Battle I

Discuss Globe War I actually as a global crisis. What were what causes the conflict? What had been the post-war implications from the war's global impact? •Global

oCore power used all their colonies for manpower


oAssassination of Archduke Ferdinand, heir towards the Austrian tub oTreaties for alliances

•Post warfare implication

oLeague of nations + Wilson's 13 points – self perseverance oNationalism inside the colonies

oMandates for countries " not ready to stand themselves” oGermany was reprimanded

oOttoman Empire broke separate as well as Austria-Hungary

oMarxism in Russia

oPolitical: nationalism

oEconomic: shortages and inflation

oMedical: disease

oPsychological: whites died just like blacks

How did the development of modern technology have an effect on World Conflict I? •Industrialization for damage: core powers used technology on each different oGases, aeroplanes

Revolution; Ideology

Just how did post-World War I actually revolutionary techniques differ involving the Soviet Union, Mexico, India, and/or Chinese suppliers? •Soviet Union

oInept authoritarianism – large gap between privileged and unprivileged oSocioeconomic backwardness – large...


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