EYMP a few Promote childrens welfare and Essay


EYMP 3 Encourage children's well being and wellness in the early years

1 ) 1) Describe the welfare requirements & guidance in the EYFS.

The statutory well being requirements were set up to help guide childcare staff about what is predicted of them as part of their role. You will find five well being requirements which will Ofsted can check are being attained. Safeguarding and Promoting Children's Welfare

This section covers a lot of the day-to-day activities which that you will be involved in, for instance , food and drink, medicines and behaviour management. There must be written consent for any medicines which need to be administered to children. Every staff in the setting should be trained in paediatric first aid and fresh water should be available to the kids at all times. Personnel can smoke cigarettes outside provided that there are no children present. Fire gates must be capable of being opened quickly from the inside. It is vital that there is a single toilet and hand pot for every eight children over the age of 2 so that these areas can be very easily accessed. Most children inside the setting will need to have a key person to allow the child to settle in easily and make it easier to execute assessments. Children are only in order to go home with another adult if their father and mother have offered permission. In my setting the parent should tell a part of staff when they drop their child away if they are getting picked up simply by somebody else. We use a security password system which means that each kid has a unique password on their records that the parent and the person choosing the child up should know. This tells us the child is going with the right person. Suitable People

Anybody dealing with children at all needs a independent CRB search for each day care setting that you work in. You must never use physical intervention once disciplining children, this could be seen as a serious offence and may lead to disciplinary or perhaps dismissal. Most unqualified staff who work with children should be motivated to gain an amount two diploma to gain a better knowledge and understanding within their role. The ratios intended for staff-children vary depending on the associated with the children. The younger the children will be, the more staff will be required. Suitable Building, Environment and Equipment

This aims to ensure that children are cared for in suited and safe property. The layout with the room is likewise important as it should allow children to play and communicate appropriately. There are many legal requirements that affect this section, for instance , checking that toys and furniture secure and that the outdoor space is clean and secure. Business

This section of the EYFS pertains to the campaign of kid's learning and development. This will likely include organizing activities for the children. It is vital that you choose activities carefully which have a positive influence on the kid's development and they'll enjoy at the same time. It is important that you show the children a regimen whilst giving them support and allowing them to have independence at the same time.


This applies to data for children, students doing position at the placing, and staff working in the setting. These should be retained in a secure, locked cabinet in a private area. Death records may need to always be changed if you have a change of address or contact number.

1 . 2) Explain the lines of reporting & responsibility in your setting

Inside my placing if there is a problem concerning a child then depending on issue you might report it to the child's key person first of all. In case it is a serious issue then you may want to go straight to your line manager or child protection official. In my placing my range manager is usually my kid protection official so I would go straight to her. If it is a little issue i then could inform my area supervisor. In the event that there was an issue concerning an associate of personnel then I would straight to my own line supervisor to avoid breaching confidentiality.

2 . 4) Explain offering...


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