Final Assessment Sheet Acct 102 Essay

п»ї Final Review Sheet 1 . A 2-for-1 stock divide will: В

A. В Increase the total equiparable value with the stock and increase the volume of shares spectacular. B. В Decrease the total similar value from the stock and increase the quantity of shares spectacular. C. В Not change the total par worth of the stock and raise the number of stocks and shares outstanding. M. В Increase total stockholders' equity.

2 . 73. В Which assertion is true of a stock divided? В

A. В Total shareholders' equity improves.

B. В Total shareholders' collateral decreases.

C. В Total shareholders' equity is still the same.

Deb. В A enhancements made on total stockholders' equity is determined by whether it is a 2-for-1 divide or a 1-for-2 split. a few. 77. В Treasury stock: В

A. В Is an asset.

N. В Increases total stockholders' equity.

C. В Decreases total stockholders' equity.

D. В Does not really change total stockholders' equity.

4. 80. В The getting treasury stock for money will: В

A. В Increase stockholders' collateral.

B. В Not increase nor decrease stockholders' equity.

C. В Decrease stockholders' equity.

Deb. В Not change total assets.

5. 81. В A 2-for-1 stock break up: В

A. В Is accounted for in the same way as a 100% share dividend. N. В Increases the amount of outstanding stocks of common stock, nevertheless par worth per talk about remains exactly like before the split. C. В Is recorded by transferring the par worth of additional shares from retained earnings to the common share account. G. В Should logically cause the industry price per share shed by roughly 50%. 6. 87. В A 2-for-1 share split may have what result upon the following items?

A. В Option A

B. В Option B

C. В Option C

D. В Option D

several. 82. В Does treasury inventory represent? В

A. В Shares of title in the United States Treasury Department. B. В A current asset.

C. В Authorized shares that have hardly ever been given.

D. В Previously outstanding stocks that have been repurchased by the issuing company. almost 8. 83. В Stock that had been given by a firm and later reacquired is labeled as: В A. В Treasury stock.

B. В Non-participating desired stock.

C. В Restricted inventory.

D. В Issued shares.

9. 34. В Stock splitsВ

A. В Allow supervision to conserve money.

B. В Give stockholders more shares.

C. В Cause zero change in total assets, liabilities, or stockholders' equity. D. В All from the above.

10. 37. В Treasury stock appears as: В

A. В An asset bank account

B. В A liability account

C. В An expense bank account

D. В An equity accounts

11. 79. В Treasury share should usually be noted: В

A. В At cost.

B. В Par value.

C. В Fair market value at season end.

D. В Face value.

12. When ever treasury stock is reissued at a price above cost: В A. В The firm recognizes a gain to be recorded on the cash flow statement. B. В Total paid-in capital is usually increased.

C. В The re-issuance is remedied as an extraordinary item inside the corporation's profits statement. Deb. В Retained income is increased.

13. Displayed below is usually information concerning the stockholders' equity of Brookdale Organization at 12 , 31, 2010:

110. В Refer to the over data. The regular issue price per share of the desired stock was: В A. В $150.

W. В $165.

C. В $180.

M. В $195. ($1, 300, 1000 + 500 usd, 000)/10, 1000 = $180

14. 111. В Refer to the above data. What was the standard issue price per discuss of common stock? В A. В $2. 75.

W. В $1. 25

C. В $1. 50.

D. В $3. 75. ($750, 1000 + $900, 000)/600, 500 = $2. 75

15. 112. В Refer to the above data. How many shares of common stock happen to be outstanding? В A. В 600, 000.

N. В 606, 500.

C. В 594, 000.

Deb. В Some additional number.

sixteen. 600, 000 - 6, 000 sama dengan 594, 1000

17. В

18. 113. В Refer towards the above data. If Brookdale Corporation got reacquired six, 000 stocks and shares of treasury stock early in 2010, which was the business only treasury stock deal, then some treasury stock need to have been offered during 2010 for: В A. В $32 per discuss.

B. В $38 per share.

C. В $27 per discuss.

D. В $6 per talk about.

19. ($192, 000/6, 000) + ($6, 000/1, 000) = $38

8. The next two goods are disclosed inside the stockholders' collateral section of Riverside Corporation's...


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