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Finding Our Purpose

In " Losing my Cool" Williams uses the hip-hop culture as being a motivation to find his goal in life. " Yo, nigga, yoooo, nigaa, yoooo-oooo, niiiiga…” (2) is exactly what Williams repeated under his breath. In " Dropping My Cool" Williams can be fiercely motivated by the hip-hop culture introduced to him. The hip-hop traditions gave Thomas the purpose to keep it real between his black peers and make some form of status pertaining to himself. Beyond what the hip-hop culture motivated him to get Williams privately searched to attain his actual purpose: to find security and an identification for himself being that he's a mix of Black and White. Precisely what is needed to find purpose? " Drive" talks about that goal can be found utilizing the three ideas: goals, terms and guidelines. To find goal in life you must have a set of goals you want to complete. In " Drive" that explained that when a pair of TOMS Shoes markets to you or me, it gives a free set to a kid in a growing country. TOMS explains these were " a for-profit firm with providing at its main. " (134) TOMS goals were to produce profit yet also provide free shoes to a child in require. TOMS goal is to use income as a catalyst in improving a person's wellbeing. In " Losing My personal Cool" a black female yelled in Williams " You abundant, white motherfuckers in your Murr-say-deez, go the fuck residence! " (8) Williams inhibited why the black female would rank them as white. Williams felt his pride becoming taken away due to the fact that he considered himself as being a black person. He then questioned his reliability and identity at this moment.. This individual studied the black kids in his barbershop as if these people were role versions. Williams got seen the way the boys had been influenced by hip-hop tradition and was very encouraged. He described that the " boys would never be designated and dissed the way I had been. I decided I needed whatever it had been that protected them. " (9) Williams was enthusiastic by the boys and set out goals to...


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