Foundations of Individual Tendencies. Essay

CH2 – Foundations of Person Behavior


* People have strengths and weaknesses that will make them superior or second-rate to others * Ability identifies an individuals ability to perform numerous tasks 2. Intellectual

* Mental activities

* Assessed by GMA (General Mental Ability), takes into account understanding, verbal compensation, perceptual speed, inductive/deductive thinking, spatial creation, memory 2. High credit score in one feline usually means excessive score in another * GMA widely used

* Aspect note: The correlation among intelligence and job fulfillment is about zero smarter persons expect the are more critical of their careers * Physical – 9 basic skills (cats include: strength, flexibility,. etc)

Biographical characteristics

Grow older

* demands in most jobs are not intense enough pertaining to age to turn into a significant factor impacting productivity * typically any age related con can be offset by simply experience

2. employee satisfaction continues as they age

Gender - women have larger rates of absenteeism generally at-home duties are placed on the women

Race = neurological heritage people use to identify themselves – racial hispanics are deprived in terms of pay


* any relatively long term change in behavior that occurs because of experience 2. takes place in an individual if the individual ACTS, REACTS, AND RESPONDS in a different way as a result of experience * requires CHANGE (good or bad)

* several theories – how we study: classical, operant, social

Traditional conditioning – passive, simple, elicited, reflexive (PAVLOV) 2. elicited in answer to a specific identifiable function

* involves building up an association among a conditioned stimulus and an unconditioned stimulus 5. can describe SIMPLE reflexive behaviors

Operant conditioning – active, complex, emitted, voluntary(SKINNER) * points out COMPLEX tendencies, emitted instead of elicited *...


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