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In Shyam Selvadurai's novel " Funny Boy”, a kid's growth into adolescence is defined against stringent heteronormative society and rising political tensions in Sri Lanka. There is no watertight structure to express whether one's national id governs your personal id or the other way round, or for instance, that there is not any difference between the two. The novel " Funny Boy” carefully records questions of identity at the individual and national standard of not just the young leading part Arjie nevertheless also the other personas whose personal identities are constantly impacting on and edges their national identities. As we see through the example of Sri Lanka as a put in place the book, national identification is not just produced in terms of the whole nation with the macro level but it is very important to note how micro factors such as ethnic background, traditions, language, interpersonal and personal institutions which in turn from the thought of nation, perpetuate the normative behaviour of men and women and hence moulds their national identity.

To begin with, Arjie as a youthful boy gaining a Tamil family is proven primarily as an uncertain character. This kind of uncertainty of his displays in different community forums such as concern with regards to his sexuality, allegiance to family, response, and national identification. Mr Chelvaratnam, Arjie's father, again, is usually shown generally as a logical, highbrowed breadwinner of the friends and family with tips of ethics and best practice rules at the core of his becoming. This leads to his being critical pacifist who may be more concerned regarding protecting relatives interests and business pursuits while the concern for a countrywide identity falls into the background to get him. Nalini, Arjie's mom is mostly concerned with her relatives space and protecting her status. She's initially neutral to the queries of countrywide identity inside the unrest although later,...

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