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Evolution of Community Administration

Politics–administrative dichotomy

Demonstrates the notion that " politics' is about deciding what authorities should do, and " administration” is about how to do it Public Administration canada: Pre-Confederation


What is this kind of?

Does it remain in existence today?

Ownership of Weberian (Max Weber) principles of bureaucracy next Confederation: Employing based on worth, not a friendly relationship

Formal crafted rules of conduct

Professionalism and reliability

Public Supervision in the Keynesian State (1945-1970s)

John Maynard Keynes, English economist

Large measure of express intervention in the economy and the usage of deficit loans to perfect the pump when the overall economy is in economic downturn Commitment to full work; construction in the social back-up (welfare, unemployment insurance, pensions, family allocated, Medicare) Were only available in the nineteen forties

" Perfect the Pump” to promote economic progress

See 2008 in Canada and the US

Combined with growing with regard to public cultural services, and in turn, the growth in the public sector; emergence of a giant, sophisticated, well-trained public support at the national level Change of community service almost 50 years ago and 1972s

Public Operations in the Neo-conservative State

Limited role to get government

General public service downsizing, budget cuts

" New Public Management” (NPM)

Government carrying out " a lot of rowing, too few steering” Initiated by Maggie Thatcher (UK), Ronald Reagan (US) and Brian Mulroney/Jean Chrétien (CDN) Motivated simply by large financial debt and more cost-effective ways of performing things: A greater in public distrust of politicians and bureaucrats


Result: a roll-back of the express (focus about privatization, deregulation, contracting away of public services, decentralization, downsizing, costs reduction projects, user fees) " WHAT SAY WE THEY RUN GOVERNMENT MORE LIKE THEY RUN A BUSINESS? ” Public Sector

priority is a " public good”

dependable to all citizens

benefits most citizens

chasing " public good” can be inefficient; electronic. g., equality, national unity shorter schedule

Private Sector

concern is income

accountable to shareholders

rewards those who spend

economic efficiency;

i actually. e., take full advantage of profit, decrease expense

much longer planning distance

Canada's Public Service Today (24% of population)

Theory of representativeness

Our aim is to be a various workforce that may be representative, at all job amounts, of the people we provide. � The us government of Nova Scotia posseses an Employment Value Policy and we welcome applications from Primitive People, Africa Nova Scotians and Other Racially Visible Folks, Persons with Disabilities and ladies in occupations or positions where they may be under-represented. � If you are a member of one of the fairness groups, you are encouraged to self-identify, on your license request form, cover letter, or on your continue. (source: NATURSEKT Government Job Advertisement) Right to collective bargaining in 1967:

Impact on federal government action

General public interest

The ability of Governance: Making Public Plan

Defining Public Policy

Simply, what a authorities chooses to complete, or CERTAINLY NOT do

Think Big Picture

Requires leadership, honesty, vision

Measured in government action, instead of statement

Debate, formulation, setup, evaluation


Classical Technocratic

Politicians direct bureaucrats

More democratic

Bureaucratic Entrepreneur

Bureaucrats recommend to politicians

More efficient

Interest and Pressure Groups

Fascination Groups:

Covers numerous people and organizations worried about influencing the actions and policies of presidency Pressure Groups:

Exist pertaining to the communicate purpose of monitoring and affecting government insurance plan How the actions of government impact the issue with that they are concerned Lobbyist:

" political persuasion intended for hire”

Government and regional registries

Policy Implementation

Insurance plan in action; my spouse and i. e., each decision is created, how should it be carried out?...


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