Hr Manager Essay

BSc in Hrm

Programme Specification

Date corrected: February 08

1 . Programme Title(s):

BSc in HRM (Human Useful resource Management)

2 . Awarding body system or establishment:

University of Leicester

several. Typical admittance requirements:

A levels or perhaps equivalent professional or offshore qualifications -- We leave the grade unspecified mainly because nearly all of each of our targeted learners are working adults who may have higher level of professional experience in human resources (HR) and may did their A levels a long time ago.

4. Plan aims:

The programme should:





Provide a revitalizing and difficult learning encounter for those who need to develop a career in the hrm;

Provide a rigorous HR syllabus that is relying on the Centre's research experience; Develop students' (working adults') underpinning understanding for ongoing professional creation in HR;

Enable learners to combine research and theoretical knowledge with professional application.

5. Guide points accustomed to inform the programme specification: • University of Leicester Learning and Teaching Approach

• External Examiners' reports

• Discussions with DL companions and offshore agents

• Discussions with professional HR bodies

• Discussions with employers who fund personnel for job development • QAA construction

BSc in Human Resource Management

6. Programme Results:

Intended Learning


Just how Demonstrated?

Teaching and Learning


(a) Discipline particular knowledge and competencies

(i) Mastery of the appropriate human body of knowledge

Display mastery of the

appropriate physique of knowledge

in HRM.

Distance education materials, optional

tutorials and workshops.

Tasks, essay-based

tests, dissertation, case

study, Blackboard discussion.

(ii) Understanding and application of essential concepts and techniques Demonstrate understanding of

crucial concepts in HRM and the

application in organisations.

Distance learning materials, optionally available

tutorials and workshops.

Review HRM concerns in

modern day organisations.

Distance learning materials, recommended

tutorials and workshops.

Projects, essay-based

examinations, dissertation, case

study, Blackboard discussion

(iii) Critical analysis of essential issues

Projects, essay-based

exams, dissertation, circumstance

study, Blackboard discussion

Reflect critically the relevance of

different HRM issues and


(iv) Clear and concise presentation of material

Present HRM issues and

problems in job and


Distance learning components, optional

lessons and workshops.

Assignments, essay-based

examinations, texte, case

study, Blackboard discussion

(v) Critical appraisal of evidence with appropriate information

Utilise existing research to create

appropriate and sustainable

arguments on HRM problems.

Distance education materials, optionally available

tutorials and workshops.

Assignments, essay-based

exams, dissertation, circumstance

study, Blackboard discussion

(vi) Other self-control specific competencies

Design, study and present an

on their own conceived part

of exploration in an HRM topic.

Self-employed research.

Dissertation and case research.

(b) Transferable skills

(i) Oral communication

Online conversation and

interaction with tutor.

Demonstrate ability to participate

in discussion and expressing



Show ability to indicate

and express ideas plainly and


Communication with tutor and centre.

Make use of it effectively to facilitate

learning online, connect

with the Centre and down load

articles through Athens.

Induction materials, impartial


Figure out quantitative data

and analyses.

Quantitative strategies.

Solve problems through

discussion and working together with

others and understanding

others' perspectives.

Lessons, problem solving and...


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