Ict running a business and Trade Essay

ICT in operation and Commerce

Changing Shape of Organisations

•More folks are working for themselves or intended for small businesses •Large organisations have grown to be " flatter” i. electronic. less hierarchical. People are employed in groups instead of individually. •Knowledge workers want less oversight than manufacturer workers mainly because they know very well what to do so when. They need info rather than direction. Using ICT to Set up a Small Business

Any small business a telephone and a great answering machine.

For about £800+ a small business may also get:

•Spreadsheet (Help set up business plan by simply calculating anticipated income and expenses. Carry out " what if” concerns to test the effect of bringing up or lowering prices). •Graphics (Create high quality commercial documents i. at the. design logo, headed standing, business cards etc . ) •Word Processing (Design invoice immobile, send mailshots etc) •DTP (Design marketing, promotional material etc . )

•Database (keep a mailing list)


•Fax (fax device comes with many PCs)

•Internet and Email (communication, on-line sales)

ICT in Financial

•Telephone/Internet Bank (consider the difficulties of traditional bank closures in rural areas) •ATMs

•Debit and Credit Cards


•Direct Debit (salaries, bills and so forth )

•Electronic Smartcards (e. g. Mondex) - could we have a cashless contemporary society? Shopping around the Internet (E-Commerce)

Positive aspects:

•Open day-to-day

•By asking customers to " register”, businesses can easily build up databases/customer profiles •People can store without going outside

•People can search significant online directories to find exactly what they want (see the case analyze below) •A site just like Amazon provides reviews of books, CDs and game titles. You can read how many other people thought of the product just before you buy. •Amazon allows customers to listen to an example of each track on the COMPACT DISC before they will decide to buy •Businesses have fewer overheads and these financial savings should be given to to the customer. Drawbacks:

•Some persons actually enjoy...


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