Pest Analysis for Asia and Sri Lanka Essay


As the newly equiped Vice President of International Advertising research it can be my work to help strive to internationalize the business businesses. The Chief Executive has discovered Thailand and Sri Lanka while high-potential countries that we can easily do business with. It is currently my task to look at legal resources that will provide us with information about the exporting marketing and foreign sourcing of these countries after which analyze if these countries are a good choice for the U. S. based organization to do business with.

P. Electronic. S. To Analysis – Part One particular

1 . U. N. Comtrade Database

The repository is able to show the amount of operate in us dollars between any trading international locations. Import and exports of any commodity is available which in turn helps us determine the trading habits between the ALL OF US and both Thailand or perhaps Sri Lanka.

2 . CIA Universe Factsbook The CIA World Factsbook provides all of us with details that is helpful for determining if a country is known as a suitable to work with. It gives details about the country's overall economy which includes factors such as expansion rate and buying power.

several. Nation Grasp

Land Master permits us to compare countries to each other to assist us decide which potential nation would be best for us. The web site not only gives information about the economy but as well about the imports, exports, and the products the countries produce. Land Master uses many other sources to obtain its information which makes it very trustworthy.

4. 2007 National Control Estimate Report on Overseas Trade Limitations This website gives all of us information on trade agreements that had been made between your United States and also other countries which in turn benefits us tremendously. This tells that Thailand may be the United States' 20th greatest trading spouse which is very good. National Trade Estimate also gives information relating to expansion of market get of American merchandise and worldwide commodity negotiating.

5. Foreign Trade Centre The International Trade Centre delivers information based upon a country's export and import performance. We are able to assess the products which can be traded. Like a surf and skate manufacturer many goods are necessary such as parts intended for our panels and textile for each of our clothing. This site allows us to evaluate the transact flow of each of these items.

6. TradeStats Express – State Export Data TradeStats Express allows us to observe export associations between US states and countries. We are able to examine from the info given to all of us if we include a good ranking relationship with either Sri Lanka or Thailand. The website provides us while using products and commodities we are exporting to the countries.

7. Operate Port

Trade Slot provides many resources which can be helpful in each of our market research. Methods such as rules of trade and nation profiles allow us to choose which country is best for us to operate with. It focuses on not only with the United States in general nevertheless specifically A bunch of states where our business is found.

8. U. S. Census Bureau The U. S. Census Bureau provides us with charts pertaining to the obtainable years the U. T. did transact with Ceylon (veraltet). We are able to review exports, imports, and transact balance in U. S i9000. dollars of every year and determine the growth patterns in each category.

9. Thailand's Department of Export Advertising This site provides info relating to trading via Thailand. It includes product information and export procedures which is essential in determining if they...


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