Internal and External Elements Essay

External and internal Factors

Learning Team " C”: Brandon Alberd, Christine Crocker, Laura Garrido, Michael Mason, Shauntori Nails MGT/230

October 13, 2014

Shannon Thomas

Internal and External Factors

Our learning group would like to share details about a company were familiar with, which can be one that an associate currently works for; Tosca. Tosca is targeted on Reusable Product packaging Services. Tosca washes, repairs, and waxes different types of plastic material or wood containers, and so its customers can reuse the components to provide their product for their customers in a steady and clean textbox. The fact that may be, reusable products are a much more accessible, and less waste needs to go into the environment. Planning

The four capabilities of management are: preparing, organizing, leading and managing. Planning includes identifying the goals that really must be achieved, and draw some tasks to achieve that said aim. The better the company programs, the more probabilities it has of succeeding. Preparing, it is important to obtain input coming from all parts of the organization, including the line workers, supervisors, qualified prospects, management, and customers. Organising

Organizing involves overseeing all the aspects involved in reaching the overall target. The overall aim for Tosca include factors such as the personnel, business expenditures, factory locations, and the timeline of a task. Other concepts that need to be discovered in goal setting tools is inquiring about employee's skill levels that may potentially match the different types of jobs offered by the corporation, planning the logistics in order to avoid spending materials, staying away from the possibilities of drifting from schedules, and providing sufficient time to review and make changes if required.


Anytime a manager potential clients he or she has to know how to encourage his or her buyers into shopping for into the organization, how to maintain the customers on the long-term bases, and provide the company's top potential during the whole of the job. When leadership talks about inspiration, a director or innovator has to know the customer, and determine what they would always be motivated by. The same strategy does not work upon all people; a few need a few speech motivators, while others need validation. Leadership is about just how much you can learn out of your team and customers to get a great total experience. Controlling

Controlling pertains to tracking. Handling maintains which the performance perhaps there is at all times. Controlling can also require the progress of the task and can determine if the result is what they have expected. When this does not happen then alterations have to be built. Even in a well-designed group, not all members work the same. Perhaps the business has categories of employees that start very well motivated yet lose the determination after some time. Other groups inside of the company may have fortunate good luck of having workers that want to dominate the situation and not produce a conflict. Control is necessary, but it is also crucial not to micromanage. Micromanagement may cause great workers to shut straight down which does not help the group grow. The positive effect

Globalization offers impacted Tosca only on the smaller level. Tosca has managed to mix the country's borders to provide our merchandise to Canada and South america. Also, some of the machinery it uses is done in other countries overseas. The central part of the organization remains in United States, just like Tosca's THIS department and corporate office. Globalization has the upside and downside. Shipping to other countries starts new marketplaces, but it also comes with some legal and government impositions. Buying equipment by companies that have experience in the field can be described as benefit; however , support and customer service and purchasing parts proves to have the potential of featuring challenges. Technology

Technology offers its virtues. Some of Tosca's plants possess automated machinery. At the vegetation, we have range workers that utilize a robotic to produce companies. It...


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