International Approach Uterqüe Article

Abstract: This paper is about the approach adaptation to entry in Brazil marketplace. It includes study regarding the current worldwide strategy of Uterqüe, the same successful business design as logistic and design and style leader that Inditex group. In addition , the analyses from the Brazilian marketplace justifies selecting implementing region.

Table of Contents

|1. Introduction |…… 3 | | | | |2. Theoretical approach |…… a few | | | | |3. Business Model and Foreign Strategy |…… 8 | |3. 1 Uterqüe's Business structure |…… 9 | |3. 2 Uterqüe's international technique |…… 12 | | | | |4. Industry and Approach Analysis |…… 14 | | | | |4. 1 Market conditions (Where) |…… 18 | |4. 2 Timing Advantage (when to enter) |…… 18 | |4. 3 Governance Advantage (How) |…… 18 | | | | |5. Conclusion and suggestions |…… 19 | |APPENDICES | | |REFERENCES |

1 . Introduction

Uterqüe is the most recent launched Inditex Group retailer, sells add-ons, fashion extras and carriers that commenced its business in Spanish market in 2008; after that Uterqüe started to be in an worldwide firm to entering to 12-15 high amounts markets in European.


To examine the challenges Uterqüe is facing entering the distant Brazilian market using a modified variation of it is highly powerful business model, actually developed and specialized for nearby Euro markets.

Is designed

The main seeks of this analysis can be divided in two aspects: 1 . To study the existing international technique of Uterqüe to understand in the event is possible to use the same strategy in Brazil: using same standard business design in style and creation parts.

2 . To rationalize the selection of applying country and adapt or perhaps modify the existing strategy to B razil conditions: downstream distribution, selling parts, range of entry setting.

With the try to decide if it truly is feasible getting into in Brazil with the same strategy used nowadays, we intend to develop first of all a assumptive approach about the concepts we need to understand and to relate with this specific case, along with that we might find a brief researching the market with its following way to enter by many examination such as PEST, PORTER five FORCES and SWOT.

Primary strategic trouble company

In the following daily news it will be found if the current managed to solve problems in Europe using its competitive benefit and if this current approach is able to entering in the...

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