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Disappointment as a result of Treaty of Versailles [Italy received no area even though it was promised] Italy's overall economy distraught due to the war [World Conflict One]

Unstable conditions due to personnel going on happens [rise of communism amongst decrease class workers, middle school and elites not happy] Growing rate and disgruntlement of unemployment

Weak and incapable governments [five governments attempt to consider power from 1919 to 1922] Desire to return to Italy's previous glory

Beginning of Mussolini

Mussolini Produces Fascist Party [1921]

Fascists appealed towards the landed classes due to their attack on socialists, catholic unions, and peasant leagues. Mussolini gained support from elites and liberal politicians. Fascist Party succeed 35 seats in elections

Fascist Party grows to 300, 1000 members

Mar on Ancient rome:

Mussolini was pushed into March upon Rome where Italo Balbo told Mussolini: " Were going, both with you or perhaps without you”. Fascists stage a 03 on Rome in March 1922, and fearing a civil warfare, King Victor Emmanuel appoints Mussolini – after being advised simply by Salandra - as Perfect Minister for the 29th of October. After ruling constitutionally, Mussolini decides - in 1925 – to seize dictatorial power and become " Il Duce” or " The Leader”. Maintain:

Impressed upper and middle classes:

Merged Nationalist Party with PNF [1923] to give fascism more respectability [Alfredo Rocco and Luigi Federzoni had important connections to landowners, industrialists, armed forces, city service and royal courtroom. De Stefani, Mussolini's financial minister, pursued orthodox financial polices to aid upturn the economy in 1924-25. Cancelled Falconi and Visocchi Decrees [legalized typical land seizures] Suspended strikes and ended independent unions in 1926

1923 Education Take action to make faith based education compulsory to resolve challenge between Vatican and Italian state. Prolonged Control:

Arrested leaders of communist party in January 1922.

Penoso Law [November 1923] to...


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