Final Report - Components Project Essay

Part 1


1 . you Introduction

In the modern societies individuals are like to help to make their lives easier. Mainly because their work load is grow-up. According to that particular situation the society features mostly relocated to automated devices. There pertaining to we likewise thought to call and make an AUTOMATED SUPERSTORE SYSTEM as a helping program for supermarkets. In this part it gives standard knowledge and background factors about the project. In this section we kept the attention on the topics such as background and inspiration, aims and objectives and importance of the project. Out of this chapter it could get a great over watch of the job and will focus on the reasonability of our project.

1 . a couple of Background and motivation

As we mention earlier today people are incredibly busy with their working. Therefore they you do not have time to carry out their daily works. Such as buy merchandise from marketplaces, shopping and consulting doctors. People try to save time from those activities. Not just that we can discover so many issues of this system. Such as inside the special time periods it includes long lines in the very markets. Not only has that but likewise when the expenses is computed manually, it will case for various errors. That is a big difficulty for equally customer and the company. Because it waste the time of both equally sides. Also some cashiers don't have right knowledge about the systems, such as credit card systems. It has various issues not only in the customer part but also in the business side as well. Those are, when the stocks of market is over and the owner don't know about this. To know about that he must keep servants physically, to check if the stocks will be controlling right or certainly not. For that the master should have various workers with him. As well there usually are a better program to maintain consumers complain and problems. It will require long time to fix those problems with the existing system. Not only that when there are extended queues on the market the owner need to maintain that, otherwise persons put blame on him. When it happen a problem because premises each have to waste materials their time for you to solve those problems. Especially the owner has to solve the problems in fair manner by keeping his goodwill. Like that we can find a lot of challenges and shortcomings with the existing system of extremely markets. By referring those problems we thought to make a system named AUTOMATIC SUPERMARKET PROGRAM as a answer for these complications.

1 . several Aim and objectives


The aim of our task was develop an effective system by giving alternatives the above problems and shortcomings. It's AUTOMATED SUPERMARKET PROGRAM.


* Studying technology according to the requirements.

2. Testing the efficiency and cost effectiveness.

* Designing and implementing the system.

* Coding the system.

* Design the desktop applications.

* Develop the payment system.

5. Develop the stock controlling system.

5. Connecting the program part with hardware part.

2. Evaluation the proposed alternatives.

1 . some Our solution (Automated Supermarket System)

Simply by considering the over problems all of us developed each of our project COMPUTERIZED SUPERMARKET PROGRAM as a solution for those flaws. We supply an easy work for customers by entering day to get back minute in the super market through our system. Following collecting the wanted merchandise the customer need to move the product range, which included in the radio signals. Then the RFID reads every tag inside that selection and estimate the bill. Then simply after client can pay the bill by his credit card or mobile phone. If the bill can be paid it open the doorway for customer to get back from the grocery store.

RFID Reader

RFID Reader

Serial Info Communication Signal

Serial Data Communication Circuit

Not only to the client we had given solutions for the super market problems as well. When customers buy products it reduces the inventory. To know about the decreased goods we all develop a program from our project. When the customer buy...


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