Ludwig Fullfeder Essay

Brittany Hammond



Section #23

Example #3

Step 1 : The Problem

The web for Ludwig Fullfeder as they created a great organizational structure that lead to production breakdowns, decreased sales and private stress complications. Therefore , his company is not operating at top-level efficiency.

Step two: Relevant Data

Before Fullfeder Pen Organization merged with Macro Pen Industries; Ludwig Fullfeder leaped his business by himself with an informal basis. When the two companies combined, Ludwig extended to try and manage the larger organization in the same way. Macro Pen advised he build an company structure to help the business blossom. Ludwig, without really attempting to or with much organizing, set up a loose structure that rapidly proved as well dysfunctional to carry on implementing. This sort of dysfunctions resulted in company deficits as well as personal health issues pertaining to Ludwig by taking on a lot of strain.

Step three: Alternative Solutions

Ludwig can hire anyone to advise him on the needs of the business or can hire anyone to create a great organizational framework for his company based on the presented situation and environment of his organization. Ludwig can take educational classes on how to run a company and therefore be better knowledgeable to run his company one handedly. Ludwig could listen more to individuals at Macro Pen and head their very own suggestions in the future. And finally, Ludwig could have firm meetings and discuss problems thereby instructing the office heads on the decisions he'd like to find followed.

Step four: Evaluating Alternative Solutions

In the event that Ludwig employs someone to advise him around the best interests with the company then simply he can implement all their solutions trying to operate his company consequently. However , it will be unknown the training or success of such a person hired.

If perhaps Ludwig hires someone to make the structure for him, he would have to follow it and get everybody else to follow...


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