Macroeconomics Evaluation Notes Dissertation



--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Illustrate to which the following items of GDP belong simply by writing C for personal ingestion expenditure, We for gross capital development, G pertaining to government spending, and EX LOVER for exports. Write O if it is excluded from current GDP.

Um 1 . Payment by the authorities of interpersonal security rewards to a retired public university teacher G 2 . Structure by govt of a fresh road.

We 3. Net additions to the stock of unsold shoes or boots.

I 5. Newly built residential homes.

I five. Purchase of new machines by a private company.

C 6th. Payments you made to David's Salon to your hair and make up. U 7. Buys of stocks and options and provides by a real estate investor.

O 8. Production and sale of marijuana

My spouse and i 9. Structure of a new factory by a private enterprise. O 10. Purchases of imported sweets by buyers.

O 11. Vegetables produced in the garden and consumed by the home. O doze. Sales of second hand automobiles.

EX13. Revenue by Intel Philippines of semiconductors towards the US. Um 14. Sales of a San Miguel Brewery in Hong Kong to the Chinese language Mainland. To 15. Sales by Motolite of car batteries to Nissan Philippines

II.. Illustrate to which the pursuing items fit in by writing GDP intended for Gross Household Product, GNP for Gross National Item. " Both” for an item that is contained in both GDP and GNP.

BOTH 1 ) Salary of your teacher in Economics.

EQUALLY 2 . Holiday bonus paid to federal government employees in the Philippines. THE TWO 3. Health care insurance premium paid out to a Filipino insurance company in Makati. GDP 4. Consultancy fee of a US science tecnistions working in the Philippines. GNP 5. Incomes of overseas Filipinos in Hong Kong.

GNP 6. Income of San Miguel in Hong Kong.

GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT 7. Earnings of US shareholder of Intel Philippines.

GNP 8. Local rental income of your Filipino the master of an apartment in the usa. BOTH being unfaithful. Rental salary of a Filipino owned condominium in Vito Cruz. GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT 10. Wage of the Japanese people president of Honda Thailand.

III. Fill in the blanks.

1 . A steel company sells several steel to a bicycle company for $150. The bike company uses the metal to produce a bi-cycle, which that sells for $250. Taken together, the two of these transactions lead how much to GDP? Ans. $250 2 . Suppose you will discover only two firms within an economy: Going Rawhide generates rawhide and sells that to Chewy Chomp, Incorporation., which uses the rawhide to produce and sell dog chews. With every $2 of rawhide that it buys via Rolling Rawhide, Chewy Chomp, Inc. produces a dog chew up and markets it for $5. Nor firm acquired any products on hand at the beginning of 08. During that year, Rolling Rawhide produced enough rawhide intended for 1000 dog chews. Chewy Chomp, Inc. bought 74% of that rawhide for $1500 and assured to buy the 25% pertaining to $500 in 2009. Chewy Chomp, Inc. created 750 puppy chews during 2008 and sold each one in that year intended for $5. The thing that was the economy's GDP for 2008? Ans. $4250 IV. The stand below consists of data intended for the country of Crete intended for the year 2010. Total income$5731

Household acquisitions of long lasting goods$1108

Home purchases of non-durable goods$702

Household acquisitions of noneducation services$203

Home purchases of education services$302

Household acquisitions of new housing$816

Purchases of capital equipment$333

Inventory changes$75

Purchases of new structures$267


Local government spending on goods and services$236

State government spending on products and services$419

Federal government investing in goods and services$1182

Transfer payments$707

Foreign purchases of domestically developed goods$217

Household purchases of foreign goods$129

1 . What was Crete's GDP in 2010? Ans. $5731

2 . What was Crete's consumption this season? Ans. $2315

a few. What was Crete's investment completely? Ans. $1491

4. What were Crete's government acquisitions in 2010?...


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