Manage Personal Work Priorities and Specialist Development Article

Deal with personal job priorities and professional development

* Three key administration skills

Interpersonal skills| - Buyer response skill- Staff managing skill- Communication skills to get suppliers| Conceptual or synthetic skills| - Understanding internet cafГ© business structure- Examine sales trends- Research buyer demands and requirements- Stock management| Specialized skills| -- Diagnosis breakdown of PCs- Diagnosis breakdown of monitors- Diagnosis internet connection status- Install programs- IP configuration skill (Internet connection)- Replace PERSONAL COMPUTER parts skill- File storage space data supervision skill

2. Personal Goals

* Accomplish successful satisfaction in customer management

2. Well retaining PCs looking

* Control and deliver staffs' duties and roles

* Right stock administration

* Maintain inside of the shop arranged and cleaned

5. Position description

Job title| Store director

Duties| - In control of customer management- Maintaining Personal computers in the store- Staffs management- Stock management- Supervising shop cleaning- Control data computers for customers| Competencies and ethics| -- Adjust conflict between staffs- Appropriate response in buyer complaints- Follow work security procedure- Follow media laws

* Personal work plan

Operate Goals| Crucial Activities| Techniques to Measure Objective Progress| Entrave with Company Goals| 1 ) Achieve effective satisfaction in customer management| - Solid customer service skills- Positive impression and smiling| - Reviews from customers| - Increasing customer stream in and sales| 2 . Well maintaining PCs inside the store| - Cleaning dirt inside and out of doors of PCs- Replace out-dated components- File format system and reinstall courses regularly| - Benchmarking PCs' performance regularly- Write daily check-list| - Reduce extreme consumption pertaining to PCs' maintenance| 3. Take care of and spread staffs' jobs and roles| - Examine staffs needs and...


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