Essay about Melting Points

Michael Guadamuz

Organic Biochemistry and biology Lab/ Chem 234


Lab two: Melting Factors

Purpose: To determine the purity of any substance employing melting stage as physical property. We must also learn how to identify a mysterious compound featuring a melting stage. We got to recognize an unknown chemical substance using blend melting point and finally we have to learn to get an accurate burning point employing Mel-Temp device.

Procedure: Established voltage to obtain the desired heat rate on the anticipated shedding point range. The ac electricity control controls the rate of heating rather than the temperature. The higher the setting, the faster the temperature climb.

Obtain a test or prepare a sample simply by packing capillary tube three to four mm high with carefully dried, carefully powdered, thick sample. Greater, loose selections will warmth unevenly. Put in the loaded MP conduit in one of the 3 channels in the opening on top of the unit. Then simply insert thermometer into the thermometer well of instrument. Move the power in making sure that device is connected. Set the power according price chart. Then simply observe selections but convert the voltage control to get a 2 degree Celcius every min surge when inside 20 deg Celcius in the melting range. We can do a set of studies for individual solutions for MP and combinations of MEGA-PIXEL which is demonstrated through the graph and or chart on Mel-Temp melting point apparatus.

Test: Three studies

1 ) Individual alternatives high temperature of 164-168 grados


The chart previously mentioned gives the accurate data from your theoretical.

installment payments on your Combos alternatives 164-168 degrees


Speculation: I believe the fact that melting points each individual to combo the less dependence on increase of temperature.

Data Analysis: Whenever we look at the two charts and compare and contrast. There were first of all 3 trials succumbed the individual solutions chart. Three trials provided the same results. The best data was off to get Urea simply by one point and lipid disorders that was off by simply 2 ...


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