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Respected instructor,

My spouse and i am writing this letter in the offered authority by simply Dr . Alam Raza. I faced a few complications to make this statement as in info collections and interacting with different people but under the excellent advice and help of the teacher Doctor Alam Condicion I became that much capable of overcome this goal of research study with my committed hard work and sincerity. I really hope that my own this study will be treasured by my own teacher.

The sincerely

Shmoil Irtaza Mahmood

Mohammad Arsalan Gulzar


This study is the requirement of the study course writing analysis report in BBA, which can be presented on the topic " CONSUMPTION ROUTINE BETWEEN GENDERS”

Survey is a superb tool to get learning and exploration. With no proper mixture of inspection and perspiration, is actually not easy to achieve anything. You can a sense of appreciation, which all of us express to others for the help and the clingy services they will render through the different stages of our lives. I also would like to do it as I really wish to express my gratitude toward all those who have been useful to me directly or indirectly during the development of this record. First of all I would like to express my personal profound honor and sincere thanks to Thor who made me that much effective brave in all respects of living he gave me self confidence i can conquer every trouble my method, secondly I would thanks mother and father with the key of my own heart without one It might be not possible, then I would want to say hearty thanks to my own teacher Doctor Alam Raza who was always there to help and guide myself when I needed help. Her perceptive criticism kept me working to make this study. I actually am thankful to her on her encouraging and valuable support. Working below her advice was a very knowledgeable and enriching experience for me.


This statement is specialized in our father and mother and tutor. Thank you for your support, support, love, love and eschew throughout warring.

|S. No |Contents |Pg. No | | |INTRODUCTION | | |1 |Definition of Consumption | | |2 |Consumption Pattern | | |3 |List of component of usage | | |4 |Difference of consumption between guy and female | | |5 |Research Questions | | | | | | | | METHODOLOGY | | |1 |Research Design and style |...


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