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MiCroController-baSed autoMatiC Remove SySteM


E. S. SanKar

n manual flush systems, the user squeezes a button, which usually opens a flush device allowing mains-pressure water to flow into the bowl, or sometimes the user presses immediately a remove lever (a handle connected to a flushometer). The device contains a pneumatic mechanism that closes it afterapresettime. Today, manual flush system has been replaced with a sensor-operated system that automatically eliminates the fixturewhentheuserdeparts. The microcontroller-based automaticflushsystempresentedhereuses aninfraredsensortodetectauserapproachingthefixture, thenitwaitsunParts List Semiconductor:

i actually

Resistors (all ¼-watt, ±5% carbon):

IC1 IC2 IC3 T1 IRX1 D1-D5 LED1-LED5 IRLED1, IRLED2 R1, R11-R14 R2 R3-R8 R9 R10 R15 Capacitors:

- 7805, 5Vregulator -- AT89C2051 microcontroller - CD4050hexnon invertingbuffer - BC548npntransistor - TSOP1738IRreceiver component - 1N4007rectifierdiode – 5mmLED – IRLED

Fig. one particular: Installation of the automatic flush system

-- 330-ohm -- 220-ohm - 10-kilo-ohm -- 4. 7-kilo-ohm - 150-ohm - 1 . 2-kilo-ohm -- 1000µF, 25Velectrolytic - 10µF, 16Velectrolytic - 22pFceramicdisk -- 230VACprimaryto 7. 5V, 300mAsecondary transformer -- 6V, 1C/Orelay - On/offswitch - Push-to-onswitch - 6Vbattery - Solenoid(operated with6V)

C1 C2, C3 C4, C5 X1 RL1 S1, S2 S3 BATT.


tiltheuserdeparts. Asolenoidisused to actuate the get rid of from a 6V power supplywithbatterybackupinsidethe unitthatalsopowersthesensorcircuit. Thisflushsystemisfullycontrolledby amicrocontroller. Italsoflushesbefore the individual departs in case the person is usually presentformorethanthepresettime (5minutes). Installationofthismicrocontrollerbasedautomaticflushsystemisshown inFig. 1 . TheIRtransmitterLEDand the IRGI receiver themes are installed side by side so that when the consumer approaches the mechanism, the IR receivermodulereceivestheIRsignal reflected off the person. A solenoid operated water valve is used inside the system.

Routine description

Fig. 2 displays the routine of the microcontroller-based flush control system.

It can be built about Atmel 89C2051 microcontrollerthatcontrolstheprocess ofautomaticallyflushingthetoilet. The AT89C2051 is a great 8-bit microcontroller with 2 kB of flash-based software memory, 128 bytes of RAM, 12-15 input/output lines, two 16-bit timers/counters, on-chip oscillator and clock circuitry. A 6MHz crystal is used for providing clock. Port pins P1. 0 through P1. four of the microcontrollerareconnectedtobuffersN1 throughN5ofCD4050via10-kilo-ohm pull-upresistors, respectively. Each of the input/output (I/O) pins happen to be reset to ‘1' the moment RST (pin 9) moves high on important switch S3. Holding the RST pin high for 2 machine periods while the oscillator is working resets the unit. Power-onreset is usually achieved by capacitor C2 and resistorR9. Pin12(P1. 0)ofmicrocontrollerIC2 watts w w. e f y meters ag. co m

6th 8 • d elizabeth c e m m e l 2 0 0 6th • e l elizabeth c t ro in i c s f o l yo u


provides the 38kHz c l o c k f 3rd there�s r e q u e n c y, whichisbufferedby N1 to push the two seite an seite IR-LEDs. These kinds of IR-LEDs act astheinfraredsignal transmitter. Resistor R10 limits the latest through the LEDs. PortpinsP1. you, P1. two, P1. a few and P1. 4 bring indicationofstandby, alert, active and flush, respectively. Port pin P1. 4alsodrivesrelay RL1throughtransistorT1. DiodeD5acts as a free-wheeling diode. The solenoid coils operated away 6V is connected to the...


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