Business Notice Sample Types Essay

Letter of Software

1719 Escuela St Brgy Forma Guadalupe Makati, City March 9, 2014

Banco sobre Oro, A-Arnaiz Paseo

832 Arnaiz Ave. cor. Edades St .

Makati City, Philippines

Dear: Mam/Sir

Good working day! As a skilled communications professional, I'm very interested in the positioning of Sales person of Bajo de Oro Arnaiz, Makati. I have the abilities and I fit the qualifications needed because of your company. Now i'm a graduate student of Mass Communication coming from Universidad sobre Manila and has qualified experience since an Management Officer in Sales in J& M Company. I actually am 22 years old 5'3 in height and will speak The english language fluently. My spouse and i also discover how to speak simple Japanese and Chinese that indeed can help in your office as an efficient leader to my ecuries and to the clients too. I hope you will consider my personal application. I've my experience and contact information attached inside. I'm looking towards be a part of your team also to the developing BDO community.

Respectfully Yours,

Karen Julia Edis

Notice of Inquiry

October 19, 2014


You're advertisements on ACER newest mobile phone catches my personal attention because of it's advance apps and uses such as said the front camera flash. I are favored for the advantages that your new item can help a journalist like me. But still, I must clarify several details according to really new features this is the same with the Iphone 6th latest.

These are generally some of my own questions to your advertisement, you should explain to produce it more understandable.

Size – Would it be the same slim design with I phone 6?

Quality- Is this will also break easily such as the Iphone6?

Memory– Does really phone memory expandable?

I really hope you can intricate the features well, and really do hope it can not totally the same with all the Iphone6. Thankyou!

Respectfully Yours,

Karen Julia Edis

Letter of Order

September 3, 2014

Mr. Stanley Ong

Havaianas Fliptops

AJ Villegas, Mehans

SM Manila Department


Good day! In search of to order the following products from your retail store.

Havaianas Flips------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ P2, 1000 Havaianas Tops------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------P3, 500 Havaianas Flats------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------P1, 800

TOTAL……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… P7, 300

Surrounded this is my own BDO Administrator Check number 07868 in the amount of P7, three hundred

I hope that my orders will be shifted as soon as possible in 1719 Corriente St . Guadalupe Nuevo, Makti City. I really hope that my own orders can be deliver inside my address over before I actually leave the on Thursday, Oct 28. Thankyou!

Yours Really, Karen Julia Edis

Page of Acknowledgement

September '04, 2014

Special Ms. Edis,

Welcome To SAVEMORE SUPERSTORE! You have a great decision to get our goods because we now have a discount 20% of every buy in our retail outlet.

I just want to up to date you that your suki discount card will run out before this kind of Nov twenty eight same season. Enclosed this is the OR NO. 123486537980A. You can continue to update your suki card any kind of time branch of our supermarket to avail wonderful discounts this coming holiday....


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