Organizational Tendencies Essay

1 . What is the importance of interpersonal skills?

☞ Just using a manager's technical skills exclusively, they can't end up being succeed in organization nowadays. Having managers with good interpersonal skills can certainly make the workplace easier and effective with a good reputation. Also, it might be generate excellent financial performance from organisations.

2 . So what do managers carry out in terms of functions, roles, and skills? ☞ All managers perform 4 management function:

preparing, organizing, leading, and managing

☞ Managers perform five different, very interrelated functions, or sets of behaviours. - social roles(3): figurehead, leadership, liaison role -- informational roles(3): monitor, disseminator, spokesperson - decisional(4): business owner, disturbance handler, resource allocator, negotiator ☞ Managers perform three managing skills:

technical skills, human abilities, conceptual abilities

3. Precisely what is organizational behavior(OB)?

☞ DURCH is a discipline of research that investigates human's habit in terms of three levels: person, group, and organization

4. Why is it essential to complement instinct with methodical study? ☞ Relying on pure intuition is made even worse because we tend to overestimate the accuracy of what we believe we know. So , OB uses systematic analyze to improve estimations over pure intuition alone

five. What are the behavioral science disciplines that contribute to DURCH? ☞ mindset, social mindset, sociology, anthropology

6. How come there few absolutes in OB?

☞ we are not alike, the ability to generate simple, exact, and capturing generalizations is limited. OB ideas must indicate situational, or perhaps contingency, circumstances.

7. Exactly what are the issues and opportunities for managers in applying OB ideas? ☞ answering economic demands and globalization,

taking care of workforce diversity, improving customer satisfaction and people expertise, stimulating advancement and change, coping with temporariness, doing work in networked businesses, helping...


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