Pharmaceutical Endeavor Essay


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Sr No . | Roll Number | Term

1| A-06| Harpreet Singh

2| A-11| Karan Doshi

3| A-20| Supriya Hegde

4| A-24| Gurbaani Kaur

5| A-27| Angad Madan

6| A-33| Nandan Masurkar

7| A-41| Neha Panchal

8| A-43| Shruti Pandey

9| A-50| Girish Shetty

10| A-58| Vedant Worlikar

11| B-22| Jidnyasa Kulkarni

12| B-33| Sharan Nottay

13| PG-01| Aalam Musharraf

14| PG-12| Karanvir Gujral




1 . 1| Current Scenario| 6th

1 . 2| Major Pharmaceutical drug Companies| twelve

1 . 3| Government Initiatives| 12

1 . 4| Oncology Segment| 15


2 . 1| World Scenario| 21

installment payments on your 2| Of india Scenario| twenty two

2 . 3| About Lung Cancer| 31

2 . 4| Stages of Lung Cancer| 36

installment payments on your 5| Causes of Lung Cancer| 46


3. 1| Vision and Mission| forty eight

3. 2| Board of Directors| forty-nine

3. 3| Contract Manufacturing| 50

several. 4| Suppliers| 53

three or more. 5| Item Range| 56

3. 6| Price| 60

3. 7| Place| 61

3. 8| Promotion| 63

3. 9| 5 Push Model| sixty six

4. 0| SWOT Analysis| 69

some. 1| INFESTATIONS Analysis| 71

4. 2| Balance Sheet| 76

5. 3| Upcoming Prospects| 82

4. 4| Memorandum of Association| 83

4. 5| Articles of Association| 89

4. 6| Bibliography| 104

Indian Pharmaceutic Industry – An Overview

The Indian pharmaceutical Industry, driven by understanding, skills, low production costs and intercontinental quality goods, has seen a robust development from the production turnover of about Rs. 5000 crores in 1990 to Rs1lakh crores in 2009‐10 comprising about Rs, 62, 055 crores of home-based market and Rs. 40, 154 crores of exports. It is, throughout the world, the 3rd most significant producer of medicines simply by volume but 14th when it comes to value. The Indian pharmaceutical drug industry is growing at about almost eight to being unfaithful percent annually according to " A short Report Pharmaceutical drug Industry in India, ” published in January 2011. The Pharmaceutical industry in India satisfies around 70% of the country's demand for mass drugs, medication intermediates, pharmaceutical drug formulations, chemicals, tablets, capsules, orals and injectables. You will find approximately two hundred and fifty large devices and about 8000 Small Scale Devices, which make up the core from the pharmaceutical market in India (including your five Central Community Sector Units). � The necessity for pharmaceutical drug products in India can be significant and is driven by simply low drug penetration, increasing middle-class & disposable income, increased govt & non-public spending on healthcare infrastructure, raising medical insurance penetration etc . � �

My spouse and i. Current Circumstance: �

India's pharmaceutical market grew at 15. several per cent during December 2011. Globally, India ranks third in terms of production pharmaceutical items by volume level. According to McKinsey, the Pharmaceutical Marketplace is ranked 14th in the world. By simply 2015 it is expected to reach top 10 in the world beating Brazil, Mexico, South Korea and Turkey. More importantly, the incremental market growth of US$ 14billion over the up coming decade will probably be the third major among all market segments. The US and China are required...

Bibliography: * Drugs & Cosmetics Work, 1940 (for approvals necessary from Medicine Controller General (India) DCGI regarding transfer, manufacturing, deal and circulation and performing clinical trials)

* Prescription drugs & Aesthetic Rules, 1945

* American indian Patents Take action 1970 & Patents (Amendment) Act 2005: (for safeguarding the brand/ new breakthrough of drugs)

* Factories Act, 1948 (in relation to license to carry out production activities)


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