Body Store International -- Swot Analysis Research Paper

Strong points

-Lack of promoting, guerrilla/viral technique

-Connection to political concerns

-Strong buyer community

-Strong social quest

-Lack of shareholder " consideration"

-The first in order to the market


-Locus of power in Anita and Gordon Roddick

-Connection to political issues

-Not " purple" in america Market (they have been copied)


The entire body Shop Foreign has many strong traits of strength that contain catapulted these people into the spotlight throughout the years. Many of them are really unique to their business which will also holds them in to political controversy and " drama" as they undergo " business because usual".

Their very own first strong strength involves The Body Shop's lack of a conventional marketing strategy. Instead, their target rests on a viral marketing strategy where consumers/customers take the responsibility of advertising after The Body Shop and inform their good friends. It is completely free and is proven.

Building on their lack of an advertising program В– The Body Store has built a remarkably strong community of customers because they build up all their " trade" dollars. Going into the viral strategy requires customers which can be willing to go out of the way to " trade" and to tell all their friends regarding the entire experience and their incredible community supports this strategy.

Their good social objective helps to build upon the prior strength an additional strength. Not only is The Physique Shop introducing the way pertaining to corporate responsibility and community engagement В– but they are creating a clientele that wildly helps their views and once again is going to tell their friends about it. The fact that they are changing the earth seems to be only a small halt.

The Body Shop has many additional strengths that stay out of the norm of classic business. Their lack of aktionar " consideration" helps these to maintain their particular mission with no political decision making process that entails appeasing to the investors.

The entire body Shop was also...


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