Unit one particular Applying For Employment Essay

Learning Objectives

 Preparing for a career


 Talking about educational

background, qualifications,

experiences and special


 Composing a curriculum vitae

and a letter of application

◆ Warm-up Practice

◆ Tuning in Task

◆ Speaking Activity

◆ Reading Task

◆ Writing Job

◆ Girl Practice

We need to discuss

some questions

about what we are

going to learn with this


Sure, that'll support us

understand better

about what our company is

asked to perform.

1 . Read the following phone tips.

Methods for Job Interview

1) Learn about the business.

2) Include a specific task or jobs in mind.

3) Prepare answers to wide questions about yourself.

4) Prepare concerns of your own.

5) Practice a job interview with a good friend or family member.

6) Appear before the scheduled time of the interview.

7) Make an excellent first impression.

8) Relax and answer every single question concisely.

9) Be positive and keen.

10) Give thanks to the job interviewer for their as well as shake hands firmly.

2 . Discuss this questions:

a) Which do you consider are the five most important

interview tips? So why?

b) Which of the guidelines do you argue with? For what reason?

c) Is it possible to add more tips because advice pertaining to job


d) When looking for a job, what factors do you really

consider essential? Please list a number of

factors in order of importance, and assess it

with your partner's. Try to state the reasons.

e) When making an application for a job, what preparations perform

you think you must make?

f) Discuss in pairs or groups what style of business

you would like to work in and give factors.

3. Important vocabulary

Is it possible to complete the passage with right phrases or phrases?

When a firm needs to recruit or utilize new people, it might decide to advertise the job or perhaps position inside the appointments area of a newspapers. People who are interested can then submit an application for the job simply by sending in a letter of application or covering notification (US cover letter) and a curriculum vitae or CV ( ALL OF US résumé) that contains details of their particular education and experience. A company may also inquire candidates to complete a normal application form. You�re able to send Human Resource Office will then select the most suitable applications and make a short list of candidates or perhaps applicants, who have are invited to attend a job interview.


Information you have to know about the company prior to your interview: • Organizational composition

• Divisions/departments that interest you

• Products/Services

• Training Programs

• Scale company

• How long have they been in business

• Types of clientele

• Development in the past and future potential

• Job description & job subject

• New items and providers they are growing

• Worker benefits

• Geographic site


• Memorize the name of the individual who will interview you. Nothing could be even more embarrassing than forgetting their very own name or perhaps calling them by the wrong name!

• � Decide what you will have on.

•   Get a good nights sleep.

• Arrive a quarter-hour early. Not only does this shows that you are quick it also will give you a chance to gain your calmness. Be friendly to the receptionist/secretary.... they often will be asked all their opinion!


• Start it off such as a winner.

• Be comfortable.

•   Listen attentively.

•  Avoid nervous mannerisms.

• Speak clearly.

•  Be positive and excited.

•  Ask pertinent inquiries.

• When it is over, stand, thank the interviewer to get

their as well as shake hands firmly.

•  Be certain to find out the next step.


• In the morning write the job interviewer a brief note reiterating your interest in the task.

• Follow-up. If you haven�t heard from the interviewer in the time frame suggested at the close of the interview, call these to relay a polite reminder that you're continue to interested in the work. Ask whenever they plan to help to make a employing decision. • If you not necessarily hired... If you continue to be thinking about the company, it pays to keep touching the...

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ACTIVITIES Affiliate, Academic Affairs Advisory Committee, College of DuPage, 1997-99


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