Chase Manhattan Case Study Composition

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Rationale of the Merger 2

Overview of the Banks History2

Analysis of the Banking Market2

Causes behind Merger and Acquisition Transactions2

Explanation behind the Chase-Chemical Merger 4 Family member Merits of any Merger and an Acquisition 5 Present Value in the Gains from your Merger 6 Estimating the Exchange Proportion 8 Guide: 8

Issue Definition: almost 8

The Expected Market Exchange Ratio: eight

The Attaining Premium: being unfaithful

The Predicted Value Added in the Merger: 9

The Anticipated Value Added in the Focus Software: 10

Proposed Solution: 12

Ex-Post Evaluation: 11


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Table 1 Estimated Effect of Combination between Chemical substance and Selected Banks4 Desk 2 Beta Calculation7

Stand 3 Banking institutions merger superior multipliers in america during 19959

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Figure one particular Projected Progress in On the net Banking4


Rationale in the Merger

Review of the Banks History

In 1955 Pursue National Financial institution and the New york Company merged with Chase Manhattan Financial institution. David Rockefeller, who became Chairman of Chase in 1969, was significantly active in the merger. By the end of the 1979s Chase evolved to the third largest Traditional bank in the United States (U. S. ). In the 80s Chase noticed itself confronted by difficulties, which were caused by investments in bad real estate loans. Back in of 1990 Chase suffered from a record decrease of $1 billion. The company however managed to regroup and presented a solid balance sheet within the next four years leading to the merger (Gilson and Escalle, 1998). Chemical substance Banking Corporation was formed in 1824. In 1844 it probably is the Chemical Bank of New York and eventually completely left the production business several years after. During the period from 1946 to 1972 Chemical could seriously boost its resources (from $1. 35 billion to $15 billion). As well Chemical acquired several banking institutions, enabling it to grow into fresh markets, give new products and services and therefore diversify (Gilson and Escalle, 1998). Although during the financial meltdown of 1991 Chemical had to book a loss of captal up to $1 billion, Chemical Bank Corporation and Manufacturers Hanover Corporation merged, giving existence to the 1st major traditional bank merge among equals (Gilson and Escalle, 1998) in the history of the U. S.. The ensuing bank started to be the second major bank, regarding assets, in the U. S i9000. (Gilson and Escalle, 1998). Analysis from the Banking Market

Between 1991 and 1995 U. T. commercial banking institutions increased all their net-profit by $20 billion dollars to $80billion. At the same time the industry was marked by several mergers, which resulted in an increase in the average total value of lender equity attained in purchases per year by simply over 300%. This trend resulted in a consolidation in the U. H. banking market, in which a couple of banks had been holding a great deal of total financial institution assets, for instance the top 40 banks right now held 65% of the total assets when compared with 53% in 1985 (Gilson and Escalle, 1998). This period of mergers created new competitors. Consequently Chemical and Chase were both pressurized to react to the rise in competition for national and international industry shares to be able to hold all their market position. Despite the leading position Substance had achieved thanks to its merger in 1991, the bank experienced fallen simply by late 1994 to 4th place in terms of size (Gilson and Escalle, 1998). Motives behind Merger and Acquisition Ventures

As Brealy and Meyers (2005; pp. 455) described mergers can be divided into diverse categories: horizontal, vertical or perhaps conglomerate. A horizontal merger is defined as a merger among two companies of the same line of business. Hence the merger among Chase and Manhattan would clearly are part of this category as they both are industrial banks. In contrast a vertical merger takes place between firms in different stages of merchandise (Brealy and Meyers, 2005) and conglomerates are mergers or...


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