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The reasons for any decrease in parental involvement in education are multiple. " Issues related to the lack of parent involvement include lack of an obvious definition of parental involvement; father and mother not knowing how you can help a child academically; deficiency of encouragement through the teachers; mom and dad are only contacted when something is wrong; and teacher remedying of parents. ” (Young, 2013). Newspaper Article

Laura Clark's article in London's Daily Mail reinforces the concept of solid parental involvement making to get higher educational achievement. " Youngsters do best the moment their father and mother help them with homework, stress the importance of education and attend school events. ” (Clark, 2012).


According to Hornby (2010), Parental Engagement in Years as a child Education: Building Effective School-Family Partnerships claims that " research constantly shows that parents' contributions with their children's education lead to improvements in their academic and behavioral outcomes, by elementary through middle and secondary institution. ” Digital Source

Many reasons exist relating to lack of parental involvement in education. " …a range of factors which in turn hampered parents from energetic participation inside their children's education include the parents' level of education, ranges from home to the school, the absence of transportation, single father and mother and the poor attitudes of some instructors and principals in their procedure toward parents…. ” (Kaperu-Gottlieb, 2004).


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