Sample Tough Estimate Composition




Plinth Part of the Building=44. fifty-one Sq m

As per Standards of APWD SOR 2004-2005 (Building) ‘A'

1 . Plinth Protection: 75 mm thick prop one particular: 3: 6

2 . Plinth Beam: As per design (RCC)

3. Plinth Wall

a) Outer Wall structure: 225mm thick 1st class brick functions in bare cement mortar in prop1: a few and 15mm thick concrete plaster in prop one particular: 6 in exposed encounters with cool cement slurry finish.

b) Inner Wall: 112mm solid 1st class brick operate cement mortar in prop1: 5.

some. DPC: providing and putting 25mm thick damp evidence course with cement concrete floor in prop 1: 1 . 5: 3 with graded stone get worse of 10mm down nominal size which includes providing authorized damp resistant admixture equal in porportion as suggested by the make including treating etc . complete as aimed.

5. Content: 130mm x130mm RCC as per design

six. Foundation: With RCC base as per design and style depth of foundation 1 ) 0 meters from initial ground level

six. Floor: 65mm thick concrete concrete flooring with 50mm under layer of concrete concrete in prop 1: 3: 6 and 15mm thick bare cement concrete topping in prop 1: you: 2 above one flat brick soling/150mm thick stone soling.

eight. Wall: 112mm thick packet nogged wall membrane in brace 1: 5, from plinth upto post plate with cement plast typer 15mm solid on outside face, 10mm thick upon inside face in prop 1: a few including distempering over plast typer of peris or wall membrane putty. External wall will be finished with concrete wash/ weather conditions coat with cement 1er.

9. Windows / Clerestory window: According to Architectural Design

10. Door: As per Architectural Style

11. Roofing: 0. 63 I. H. thickness (in mm) C. I. roofings over undressed wodden/ Hardwood truss.

12. Ceiling: A. C. panel / Gypsum Board with painting.

13. Miscellaneous: C. C. kitchen apron with drain, cup panel, socket, door and window leaf to become painted with one coating of primer and two coats of enamel color of...


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