Scarcity, Decision and Option Cost Composition



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FINANCIAL RESOURCES are the assets (things of value) which a great economy (or business) might have available to offer and produce goods and services to meet the constantly changing needs and wants of people (in the case of a business) and society (in the truth of society as a whole. ) REA (Resources, Events, Agents) is a way of modeling organization processes. Unlike all other methods, the REA model discloses why business processes occur, and provides intended for full traceability of all business transactions. The REA version is also closer to the reality than any other organization modeling method, which is very beneficial in model-driven design of applications. Figure listed below illustrates one of the most fundamental REA concepts, which are economic source, economic agent, economic function, commitment, and contract.

Economic Resource can be described as thing that is certainly scarce, and has electricity for economic agents, and is also something users of business applications wish to program, monitor, and control. Instances of economic methods are services and products, money, unprocessed trash, labor, equipment, and providers the venture uses. Financial Agent is an individual or perhaps organization able of having control of economic resources, and transferring or obtaining the control to or from the other individuals or perhaps organizations. Instances of economic brokers are customers, vendors, workers, and businesses.

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Economic Celebration represents either an increment or a decrement in the value of financial resources which can be under the control of the business. Some economical events take place instantaneously, just like sales of goods; some arise over time, such as rentals, labor acquisition, and provision and use of solutions. Commitment is actually a promise or perhaps obligation of economic providers to perform a fiscal event down the road. For example , collection items over a sales order represent responsibilities to sell products. Contract is known as a binding agreement between two or more parties for performing, or refining by performing, a few specified act(s) in exchange intended for lawful account. It is a collection of commitments and terms. Underneath the conditions particular by the conditions, a contract may create extra commitments. Thus, the contract can stipulate what happens if the obligations are not fulfilled. For example , a sales order is a deal containing responsibilities to sell goods and to receive payments. The terms of the sales order contract can designate penalties (additional commitments) in case the goods or perhaps payments have not been received as promised. ECONOMIC ASSETS -SERVICE SECTOR

Resources Necessary

• Identify resources needed

• Identify existing solutions

• Recognize resource gaps and obtainable suppliers

• Develop access to needed solutions

Manage the Enterprise

Develop management design

Understand crucial variables for success

Identify problems and potential problems

Put into practice control system

Develop progress strategy

What steps are essential for expansion strategy?

Item evaluation process

• Procedure for developing & commercializing a great innovation)

Iterative Synthesis:

• Interaction of knowledge and interpersonal needs that start Application process

Normal Innovations:

• New product with little technological change (M Bulb / Tube light) Technological Innovations

• New product with significant technical advancement (ES) Breakthrough

um New product with a technological change (VCR/DVD)

Federal government as an innovator (Maquiladora)

Technology Copy

The following are the four basic types of economics methods: • Terrain – natural resources just like iron ore, gold, diamonds, oil, etc . • Labor – human resources such as wage-earning workers

• Capital – plants and equipment utilized in the production of ultimate goods, just like assembly lines, trucks, durable machinery, factories, etc .


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