Essay in SCI 207 Week some Lab

Charles Jacquier

Research laboratory 4 – Energy Sources and Alternative Energy

SCI 207

Professor Selhorst

Experiment 1: The Effects of Coal Mining

Table one particular: pH of Water Trials

Water Test

Initial ph level

Final pH (24-48 hours)




Stimulated Carbon



Drinking water


a few


1 . Develop ideas predicting the effect of pyrite and fossil fuel on the acid of water?

a. Pyrite hypothesis sama dengan If pyrite is included with water, it will make the drinking water more acidic. b. Coal hypothesis = If the turned on carbon is usually added to water, it will make the water even more acidic.

installment payments on your Based on the results of your experiment, will you reject or perhaps accept every hypothesis that you just produced in question 1? Explain how you decided this.

a. Pyrite hypothesis accept/reject = The speculation was declined as zero change took place in pH levels after testing the sample with a pH strip n. Coal hypothesis accept/reject = The hypothesis was declined as the pH level rose from 5 to 7 following testing the sample with a pH deprive, which will indicate an increase in alkalinity.

several. Based on your computer data, what impact do you forecast coal exploration has on the planet?

Answer sama dengan Based upon the information collected, there does are most often a small impact on the environment, yet , based upon understanding of the subject, coal mining may and does possess a significant undesirable effect on the surroundings.

some. What can be done in order to avoid mine draining from harming the ecosystem? Utilize by least 1 scholarly useful resource to support your suggestions.

Answer = Chemical p mine draining (AMD) is among the more serious environmental problems in the mining industry. AMD is definitely the major pollutant of surface waters in the Mid-Atlantic Place of the United States (US EPA, 2006). The formation of AMD is an extremely complex substance and microbes process, and generally occurs wherever deep excavations, such as those associated with coal mining, expose unweathered pyritic materials. Drinking water contaminated by simply AMD on permitted sites where mining has happened must be treated to get rid of dissolved metals and raise pH. Millions of dollars are put in to treat this kind of water as well as the interaction of such metals with each other and their removal from drinking water are important areas of study (US EPA 2006). Water is the basic transport for pollutants, and consequently the majority of measures in limiting acidity formation work with migration control and are worried about the control of water stream (EPA 2006). To help out local environments, water access into the internet site of acid formation may be controlled by simply: 1 . Curve of surface area water moving towards the site of pollution; 2 . Avoidance of groundwater infiltration in the pollution web page; 3. Reduction of hydrological water seepage into the damaged areas; and 4. Managed placement of acid-generating waste. (EPA 2006).

Test 2: Solar power

Table 2: Solar Energy Research Results

Environmental Descriptor/Variable


(Each ought to be compared against direct subnlight)

Weather during

Mostly Sunny with some clouds

Motor rate in sunlight

Very Fast

Electric motor speed by 45 degree perspective

Very Fast

Electric motor speed underneath reflectors

Very Fast

Motor unit speed with 25% tinted

Very Fast

Engine speed with 50% not getting sun

Medium to fast

Engine speed with 75% not getting sun

Very Slow

Motor speed below red purification


Electric motor speed below blue filtration


Motor speed underneath green filtration


Motor speed below yellow purification


Post-Lab Questions

1 . Develop hypotheses forecasting the performance of solar energy from sunlight against the four variables analyzed?

Direct versus indirect hypothesis = If perhaps exposed to sunlight, the motor will approach faster than indirectly uncovered Direct versus reflected speculation = In the event that exposed to mirrored sunlight, additionally to sunlight, the motor will maneuver faster than only subjected directly Direct vs shaded hypothesis =Upon shading the solar panel, a lot more than -panel is tinted, the reduced the motor unit will push (EX. By...

References: Acid solution Mine Draining. (2006).  EPA. Retrieved August 2, 2013, from


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