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A process by which a society rates categories of people in a hierarchy is called


social mobility.

social stratification.

social inequality.

What system of groupe is composed of Forkynder, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra? the American indian caste system

the South Photography equipment system

the British class system

the British estate system

In 1948 in S. africa, the white minority guaranteed their personal control over the black majority by depending on a policy of racial separating called



the estate system.

the captivity system.

Social couche based typically on person achievement is known as a

caste program.

school system.

estate system.

classless society.

What is the key reason why classes are much less well identified than castes?

There are many pure body systems, nevertheless few pure class systems. There are many real class systems, but handful of pure peuple systems. low status consistency

low social mobility

In britain, a more stiff stratification is out there in the importance attached to


family titles.


materials possessions.

Although Soviet officials believed they had engineered the 1st classless culture following the Russian Revolution of 1917, experts outside the Soviet Union remarked that the jobs people held in the former Soviet Union formed a four-level rank. Which category of workers was at the top?

manual workers

rural peasantry

large government officials

Soviet intelligentsia

What do sociologists call a shift inside the social situation of large numbers of people credited more to changes in contemporary society itself than to individual efforts?



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