Solomon M1 Essay

GCE Tests

Mechanics Module M1

Advanced Subsidiary / Advanced Level

Paper N

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Guidance and Info

Candidates may use any calculator except people that have a center for representational algebra and / or calculus. Total marks could possibly be obtained intended for answers to any or all questions. Mathematical and statistical formulae and tables are available. This paper has several questions. When a numerical worth of g is required, use g sama dengan 9. 8 m s-2.

Advice to Candidates

You should show enough working to choose your methods very clear to an examiner. Answers without working can gain not any credit.

Written by Shaun Armstrong & Philip Huffer

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1 )

A constant pressure, F, serves on a compound, P, of mass a few kg leading to its velocity to change by ( – 2i & j) meters s-1 to (4i – 7j) meters s-1 in 2 seconds. (a) (b) Find, in the form ai + bj, the speeding of G. (2 marks)

Show the fact that magnitude of F can be 25 In and find, for the nearest degree, the severe angle between the line of actions of F and the vector j. (5 marks)

2 .

A particle A of mass 3m is shifting along an aligned line with constant speed u meters s-1. This collides having a particle N of mass 2m moving at the same velocity but in the other direction. Because of the crash, A is usually brought to snooze. (a) Present that, following the collision, B has changed the direction of motion and this its speed has been halved. (4 marks)

Given that the magnitude from the impulse applied by A upon B is definitely 9m Natursekt, (b) three or more. find the significance of u. (3 marks)



A Fig. you


Figure 1 shows two windowpane cleaners, Joe and Baber, of mass 60 kilogram and 100 kg correspondingly standing on a platform PQ of size 3 metre distances and mass 20 kilogram. The platform is suspended by two vertical cables placed on the ends P and Q. Joe is position at the stage A, 1 . 25 metre distances from G, Baber is usually standing on the point M and the anxiety in the wire at G is twice the tension in the...


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