State-Of-Art Laptop Program Article


Pupil Name: Indi

Class/Section: CMIS

Teacher Name:

Assignment deadline:

Difficulty Statement

Estimate the total cost to purchase all of the components needed to build a " State-of-the-Art" Game playing computer with option selections limited to three different components. Once the buyer adds up parts to the Trolley it will make shipping and state income taxes (where to ship or billing address) before the selling price. Options available for newegg. com Computer Hardware


Intel Primary i5-3570K Flowers Bridge three or more. 4GHz - CPU1 -- $224. 99

Intel Main i7-4770 Haswell 3. 4GHz - CPU2 - $309. 99

Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Connect 3. 5GHz - CPU3 - $329. 99


Corsair Graphite Series 230T -- CS1 - $79. 99

Case Rosewill THOR V2 Gaming ATX - CS2 - $129. 99

CM Storm Nerf alpha trooper review - Gambling Full Structure Computer - CS3 - $149. 99 PSU (PSU1/PSU2/PSU3)

Corsair Graphite Series 230T - PSU1 - $59. 99

Cooler Master Top notch 430 - PSU2 -- $49. 99

Rosewill Blackhawk Gaming - PSU3 - $89. 99

Motherboard (MB1/MB2/MB3)

Asus Maximus vi Leading man LGA 1150 Intel - MB1 -- $199. 79

ASRock Fatal1ty B85 Fantastic LGA 1150 Intel - MB2 -- $104. 99

Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4 LGA 2011 Intel X79 - MB3 - $242. 99


Seagate Hybrid Travel ST1000DX001 1TB MLC/8GB 64MB Cache SERIAL ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ATTACHMENT 6. 0Gb/s NCQ several. 5" Personal pc SSHD Seagate Hybrid Travel ST1000DX001 1TB - HDD1 - $96. 99

Seagate Cross Drive ST2000DX001 2TB -- HDD2 - $129. 99

WD Black Series WD3003FZEX 3TB - HDD3 -- $194. 99


CORSAIR Vengeance LP 8GB - RAM1 - $92. 99

Patriot Viper 3 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 -- RAM2- $42. 99

G. Skill Sniper Series 8GB - RAM3 - $84. 99


LG Black 14X BD-R TWO TIMES BD-RE 16X DVD+R 5X DVD-RAM 12X BD-ROM 4MB Cache SATA BDXL Bluray - DVD1 - $67. 99

ASUS Black Digital versatile Burner SERIAL ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ATTACHMENT BW-16D1HT - DVD2 -- $99. 99

LITE-ON Dvd-burner SATA Model iHAS124-14 -- OEM - DVD3 -- $20. 99 Sound Greeting card (SC1/SC2/SC3)

Imaginative Sound - blaster Z 70SB150200000 Sound Greeting card - ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING - SC1 - $59. 99

HT OMEGA Claroq ue pode Halo XT Sound Credit card w/ a built-in CINEMA Headphone Amp - SC2 - $249. 99

Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme Sound (70SB104000000) Audio Card - SC3 - $57. 99 Monitor (MON1/MON2/MON3)

ASUS VS248H-P Black 24" HDMI LED Backlight Widescreen FLAT SCREEN Monitor -

MON1 - $179. 99

LG ELECTRONICS 20EN33TS-B Black 19. 5" 5ms Big screen LED Backlight LCD - MON2 - $99. 99

HP 24WD Black 23. 6" 5ms Big screen LED Backlight FLATSCREEN - MON3 - $149. 99 Images Card (GC1/GC2/GC3)

PowerColor Radeon HD 7870 GHz -- GC1 - $189. 99

SAPPHIRE TRI-X OC Radeon R9 290 100362-2SR Video Card -- GC2 -- $619. 99

ASUS GeForce GTX 660 GTX660-DC2O-2GD5 Video Card -- GC3 -- $189. 99 OS (OS1/OS2/OS3)

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit - OS1 - $139. 99

Microsoft Windows six Professional -- OS2 - $289. 99

Microsoft Windows 8. one particular - Total Version (32 & 64-bit) - OS3 -$119. 99 newegg. com consumer provides three alternatives to build the " State-of-the-Art" Gaming computer from every single option away of three components. Consequently by pressing each choice option from the drop down menu consumer can input the option that consumer be able to find the money for or like and will be the desired option from your user. As soon as the user accomplished inputting wanted component from your component option, the program can calculate the total price to make the " State-of-the-Art" Gambling computer. Difficulty Analysis

Type Choices

CPU (CPU1/CPU2/CPU3) -- CpuCost


PSU (PSU1/PSU2/PSU3) - PsuCost

Mainboard (MB1/MB2/MB3) - MotherboadCost

HDD (HDD1/HDD2/HDD3) -- HddCost



Sound Card (SC1/SC2/SC3) - SoundcardCost

Monitor (MON1/MON2/MON3) - MonitorCost

Graphics Card (GC1/GC2/GC3) - GraphicscardCost



Final Price

Following the user features entered an option for an option (selecting the required cost), this program must compute the total cost of the " State-of-the-Art" computer system component rates in total while the final selling price before...


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