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The Bureaucratic Roles Procedure

One extensively discussed approach to management theory Is the managerial roles procedure, popularized by simply Henry Mintzberg of McGill University' Essentially, his procedure is to see what managers actually do and from these kinds of observations come to a conclusion as to what managerial activities (or roles) arc. Although many experts have researched the actual operate of managers—from CEOs to line supervisors—Mintzberg has given this approach larger visibility.

After methodically studying those activities of five CEOs in a variety of businesses Mintzberg came to the conclusion that executives do not execute the classical managerial functions of organizing, organizing. Commanding, coordinating, and controlling. Rather, they take part in a variety of other activities. From his research plus the research more who had examined what managers actually did, Mintzberg figured managers genuinely fill several ten jobs:

Interpersonal functions

1 ) The figurehead role (performing ceremonial and social duties as the organization's representative) 2 . The leader role three or more. The liaison role (particularly with outsiders)

Educational roles

some. The receiver role (receiving information about the operation of an enterprise) 5. The disseminator function (passing info to subordinates) 6. The spokesperson position (transmitting information to those beyond the organization)

Decision jobs

7. The entrepreneurial part

8. The disturbance-handler part.

9. The resource-allocator role

12.. The arbitrator peacemaker role (dealing with various people and groups of persons)

Mintzberg's approach is criticized. In the first place, the test of five CEOs' used in his research is way too small to support so capturing a summary. In the second place, in analyzing using the activities of managers—from CEOs to supervisors—any researcher must realize that most managers carry out some work which is not purely bureaucratic; one would expect even presidents of......


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